(G)I-DLE Returns with 1st Full Album ‘I Never Die’ and Drops Title Track ‘Tomboy’ MV


Monday, March 14, 2022

Rising star (G)I-DLE never fail to show us their diverse concept, same goes to this comeback! (G)I-DLE first full album ‘I Never Die’ consist of 9 tracks of various genres including alternative rock, pop, R&B and hip-hop. Each track showcase their unique and girl crush side that only (G)I-DLE themselves can pull off the style. Not to mention, the multi-talented members, SOYEON, MINNIE and YUQI participated in songwriting of the tracks in the album.

Through the album, it captures (G)I-DLE’s true feelings and thoughts about what is given to them and also prejudices of the world. The album concept is fully expanded to their title track ‘TOMBOY’ written and produced by leader SOYEON. The

straightforward lyrics like “I’m not a doll” and “Just me I-DLE” remind the listeners of

uncontrollable eccentric characters and express daring charms. In addition, the hook,

which combines (G)I-DLE’s unique voice with rough and magnificent instrumental

sounds, and the addictive variation section that plays when the mood heightens are

also elements to look forward to.

Watch ‘TOMBOY’ MV: 


  1. TOMBOY 
  2. Never Stop Me 
  6. ESCAPE 
  7. LIAR 
  8. MY BAG 
  9. TOMBOY (CD Only)

photo credit: CUBE Entertainment

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