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Social media is how we get most of our information these days and knowing how to market on the various social media platforms is the best way to reach more customers. Currently, according to recent statistics, approximately 93.33% of people with access to social media, use it regularly and with 56.8% of the total world’s population with access to social media outlets, it is no secret why marketing in this manner is essential for any business. However, simply putting out posts is no way to enhance views. People want more and when you add music to the mix, your audience and attention to your products only increases. Here are some of the top ways to add music and enhance your social media strategy.

Evaluate Your Brand

The first step in using music to enhance your social media strategy is evaluating your brand. Understand what your brand is about and what artists might align with it. Certain music genres will enhance your brand while others might take away from the concept. For instance, putting classical music on posts for a construction company is not going to be as effective as utilizing rock music to speak to the audience. A clear evaluation of your brand goals and what you are all about is key.

Relevant Music

The relevance of the music is another factor to consider. Although this might align with evaluating your brand, it is slightly different. Music changes throughout the years and what was popular one year, will be old hat the next. Relevant music is generally popular at the time and that is not always so easy to find. Some companies turn to oldies for their music choices as this is the most familiar to a wide range of users. However, this strategy can backfire if used too much. Where it is fine to have an occasional throw back, from time to time, investing in solely oldies style music can make your brand look out of touch and no one wants that when they are marketing to the public.

Find Royalty Free Options

This is a big hurdle to get passed. Music is licensed to the owner of each track and when you take music that carries a license to use on social media posts, you run the risk of potential legal action. Certain social media sites will not even allow you to play music with a license, so it is best to find unlicensed, royalty free music for your social media music needs. Sites such as Xusic are essential to finding the right track for your music needs. With well over 25,000 different tracks to choose from, it is not difficult to enhance your social media marketing with the right music choice.

Use Music to Enhance Emotions

Music is unique in its ability to unlock emotions. Most of us have been listening to the radio when a song comes on that makes us happy, or cry, or even laugh out loud. The emotions tied to songs can be very strong and it is possible for you to use that notion to your advantage when marketing on social media platforms. Choose music that makes you feel something and chances are, your audience will feel similarly. Simply choosing songs based on what you like can be a shallow way of marketing, but when you can reach the emotional part of your audience, they will be hooked. Take time and carefully consider what music you place on your social media posts and do not be afraid to take a poll among your staff or even a focus group to determine what track is best for stirring specific emotions.

Vary Up Platforms

One of the main issues with social media marketing is that many businesses fail to vary up their social media platforms. Placing all your marketing eggs in one basket might yield a few new customers, but keep in mind, not everyone uses the same social media platforms. Additionally, do a little research into the specific ages and genres of users associated with each social media site. There are some sites that attract younger users while older users will be drawn to different ones. Knowing the statistics of social media use and who is on what platform will allow you to tailor your music choices to the individual rather than simply using the same music on every platform.

Music can be used to grab the attention of a user on social media platforms. It has a unique way of stirring emotions and bringing up memories of each user and knowing how to market that aspect to your business’s advantage is the key ingredient in successfully marketing on social media. Social media is not going to go away. People are now more connected through digital means than at any time in history, so update your marketing strategy and get more views with the right music on the right social media sites.

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