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One of the biggest events of the Korean entertainment industry, the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards, has officially announced all the nominees for its film and television categories, determined by an esteemed panel of 60 industry experts. Nominees were chosen from works (dramas, films, variety shows, and other entertainment and educational programs) released between April 12, 2021, and March 31, 2022. More specifically, at least four episodes or one-third of the entire series should have been available by March 31 to be eligible for nomination.

Take a look at the nominees below!



Best Film

“Miracle: Letters to the President”
“Escape from Mogadishu”
“Sewing Sisters”
“Romance Without Love”


Best Director

Ryoo SeungWan – “Escape from Mogadishu”
Park DongHoon – “In Our Prime”
Byun SungHyun – “Kingmaker”
Lee JangHoon – “Miracle: Letters to the President”
Jeong GaYoung – “Romance Without Love”


Best Actor

Kim YoonSeok – “Escape from Mogadishu”
Sol KyungGu – “Kingmaker”
Lee SunKyun – “Kingmaker”
Jung Woo – “Hot Blooded”
Choi MinSik – “In Our Prime”


Best Actress

Go DooShim – “Everglow”
Park SoDam – “Special Cargo”
Lee HyeYoung – “In Front of Your Face”
Girls’ Generation’s YoonA – “Miracle: Letters to the President”
Jeon JongSeo – “Romance Without Love”


Best Supporting Actor

Koo KyoHwan – “Escape from Mogadishu”
Park YongWoo – “Spiritwalker”
Sung YooBin – “Perhaps Love”
Jo WooJin – “Kingmaker”
Heo JoonHo – “Escape from Mogadishu”


Best Supporting Actress

Kim SoJin – “Escape from Mogadishu”
Kim JaeHwa – “Escape from Mogadishu”
Shim DalGi – “Snowball”
Oh NaRa – “Perhaps Love”
Lee SooKyung – “Miracle: Letters to the President”


Best New Actor

Kim DongHwi – “In Our Prime”
Kim JaeBeom – “Hostage: Missing Celebrity”
Mu JinSung – “Perhaps Love”
Lee HongNae – “Hot Blooded”
Jung JaeKwang – “Not Out”


Best New Actress

Gong SeungYeon – “Aloners”
Girl’s Day’s Bang MinAh – “Snowball”
Girls’ Generation’s SeoHyun – “Love and Leashes”
Lee YouMi – “Young Adult Matters”
Choi SungEun – “Ten Months”


Best Screenplay

NamKoong Sun – “Ten Months”
Ryoo SeungWan, Lee GiCheol – “Escape from Mogadishu”
Byun SungHyun, Kim MinSoo – “Kingmaker”
Lee YongJae – “In Our Prime”
Jeong GaYoung, Wang HyeJi – “Romance Without Love”


Best New Director

Kim ChangJu – “Hard Hit”
NamKoong Sun – “Ten Months”
Jo EunJi – “Perhaps Love”
Pil KamSung – “Hostage: Missing Celebrity”
Hong SungEun – “Aloners”


Technical Award

Kang JongIk, Seo ByungCheol (VFX) – “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure”
Cho HyungRae (Cinematography) – “Kingmaker”
Choi SeongGyeom (Stunt direction) – “Special Cargo”
Choi YoungHwan (Cinematography) – “Escape from Mogadishu”
Han AhReum (Art direction) – “Kingmaker”



Best Drama

“Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”
“Squid Game”
“The Red Sleeve”
“Political Fever”


Best Director

Yoon SungHo – “Political Fever”
Lee NaJung – “Mine”
Jung JiIn – “The Red Sleeve”
Han JunHee – “D.P.”
Hwang DongHyuk – “Squid Game”


Best Actor

Kim NamGil – “Through the Darkness”
Lee JungJae – “Squid Game”
2PM’s JunHo – “The Red Sleeve”
ZE:A’s Im SiWan – “Tracer”
Jung HaeIn – “D.P.”


Best Actress

Kim TaeRi – “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”
Kim HyeSoo – “Juvenile Justice”
Park EunBin – “The King’s Affection”
Lee SeYoung – “The Red Sleeve”
Han SoHee – “My Name”


Best Supporting Actor

Lee DeokHwa – “The Red Sleeve”
Lee HakJoo – “Political Fever”
Lee HyunWook – “Mine”
Cho HyunChul – “D.P.”
Heo SungTae – “Squid Game”


Best Supporting Actress

Kang MalGeum – “Thirty, Nine”
Kim ShinRok – “Hellbound”
Kim JooRyoung – “Squid Game”
Ok JaYeon – “Mine”
Jang HyeJin – “The Red Sleeve”


Best New Actor

Koo KyoHwan – “D.P.”
Shin SeungHo – “D.P.”
Yoo InSoo – “All of Us Are Dead”
Choi HyunWook – “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”
Tang JunSang – “Racket Boys”


Best New Actress

Kim HyeJun – “Inspector Koo”
Lee Yeon – “Juvenile Justice”
Lee YouMi – “All of Us Are Dead”
Jung HoYeon – “Squid Game”
Cho YiHyun – “All of Us Are Dead”


Best Entertainment Program

“Shooting Stars”
“Single’s Inferno”
“Street Woman Fighter”
“You Quiz on the Block”
“Transit Love”


Best Educational Program

“Great Minds”
“Story of the Day When You Bite Your Tail Season 3”
“Docu Insight: National Representative”
“My Golden Kids”
“Kiss the Universe”


Best Male Variety Performer

Kim GuRa
Moon SeYoon
Lee YongJin
Jo SeHo
SHINee’s Key


Best Female Variety Performer

Song EunI
Lee MiJoo
Lee EunJi
Joo HyunYoung
Hong JinKyung


Best Screenplay

Kim MinSeok – “Juvenile Justice”
Kim HongKi, Park NuRi, Choi SungJin, Yoon SungHo – “Political Fever”
Baek MiKyung – “Mine”
Lee NaEun – “Our Beloved Summer”
Hwang DongHyuk – “Squid Game”


Technical Award

Kwon TaeEun (Music) – “King of Mask Singer”, “Sing Again” Season 2, “Poongryu”, “Superband” season 2
Kim HwaYoung (Cinematography) – “The Red Sleeve”
Eom YoungShik, Kim DaHee (Animation) – “Yumi’s Cells”
Jung JaeIl (Music) – “Squid Game”
Chae KyungSun (Art direction) – “Squid Game”


To find out more about the nominees in all the categories, including theatre, click here.

The 58th Baeksang Arts Awards is set to take place on May 6, 2022, at KINTEX, Ilsanseo-gu, Gyeonggi Province from 7:45 PM KST. The ceremony will be broadcast live for viewers on JTBC, JTBC2, and JTBC4.


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