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Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Left to right: Choi Hyun Wook, Bona, Kim Tae-Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Ju Myung

The cast of tvN and Netflix’s Twenty-five, Twenty-One’, Kim Tae-Ri, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Kim Ji Yeon, Choi Hyun Wook, Lee Ju Myung and Director Jung Jeehyun attended the drama’s press conference on Wednesday, ahead of the drama’s premier.

Fans all over the world were tuning in to the live press conference through livestream platform NAVER NOW.

‘Twenty-five, Twenty-One’ is a love story about a fencer Na Hee-do (played by Kim Tae-Ri) and a sports reporter Baek Yi-Jin (played by Nam Joo-Hyuk).

Director of Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Director Jung Jeehyun

When asked what made Director Jung choose the specific time period of 1998, he replied that it was a period that a lot of changes happened and many faced challenges then. He further shared that, through the drama, he hope to give some messages to people who are facing challenges amidst the current pandemic. 

‘Twenty-five, Twenty-One’ has been the talk of the town recently due to star-studded cast lineup! 

The drama consists of Kim Tae-Ri (The Space Sweepers, Mr Sunshine) and Nam Joo-Hyuk (Start-Up, The School Nurse Files) as the main cast and all-rounder Cosmic Girls’ member Bona— also known as Kim Jiyeon (Homemade Love Story) together with rising actor Choi Hyun Wook (Racket Boys) and Lee Ju Myung (Kairos).

Kim Tae-Ri, plays Na Hee-Do

Kim Taeri told the press that she practised fencing for almost 6 months! She will play Na Hee-do, a fencer who is bold and full of courage.

The actress also shared a behind story that fellow cast member, Bona, invited her to her house to practise fencing together. According to Bona, Tae-ri was soaked by the time she reached the house as she had sandbags tied to her ankles. 

We truly respect the dedication from the cast!

Q: How did you prepare for your role and what is the charm of your acting?

Nam Joo-Hyuk, plays Baek Yi-jin

Nam Joo-hyuk: The period of the financial crisis in 1998 is rather unfamiliar to me so I focused on the script. I also tried to guess by looking at the materials and go with my gut feeling while being on set. The director seemed to love it a lot and I think that is the attractive part of my acting. 

The actor also shared that he personally met a sport reporter, where he learnt more insights on his role and how to better portray his character. 

Q: How did you practise fencing?

Bona as Go-Yurim

Bona: I practised fencing for about 3 months. Taeri and I practised on our off-days and before shoot. 

The idol- actress also shared that during her high school days, she was busy practising as trainee most of the time. Filming ‘Twenty-five, Twenty-One’ as Go-Yurim, gave her a lot of good memories, which she hopes to deliver to viewers of the drama.

Fashion is about confidence! Choi Hyun Wook plays the straightforward high-schooler, Ji Woong.

Choi Hyun wook, plays Moon Ji-woong

The 02-liner actor mentioned that his fellow cast members congratulated him on his recent achievement of being the ‘Best New Actor’ for 2021 drama awards. Although being the youngest amongst the five main cast, Choi Hyun-wook also shared that they made it comfortable for him and he did not have to worry much.

Lee Ju Myung plays Ji Seung-wan, a top student who is also full of rebellious emotions. She is a member of the high school radio team.

Lee Ju Myung, plays Ji Seung Wan

The actress also voiced that she listened to past radio audios to learn how radio broadcasts where like in the past.

We can already tell that fans worldwide will be treated with the visual cast throughout the drama!

‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’ is a drama about dilemma and growth, where youths lost their dream to the zeitgeist of 1998. They called out each other’s names for the first time when they were twenty-two and eighteen. Now they’ve each become twenty-five and twenty-one. The fine line between a heart-fluttering first love and a heart-warming friendship gives them butterflies. Their sparkling love and growth, together with the chemistry and hardships among the five friends, will remind us of our intense yet beautiful youth.

‘Twenty-five, Twenty-One’ premieres on February 12, on Netflix with new episodes every Saturday and Sunday.

Watch the official trailer here: 

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