Here Are The Top 3 Favorite 1st Stage From “Queendom 2” As Voted By Kpopmap Readers


This season of “Queendom 2” off with a high and interesting note as every contestant on the show has been displaying a level of talent that is simply exceptional. This season’s participants are Brave GirlsHyoLynKep1erLOONAVIVIZ, and WJSN. You can read more about them here. With just 3 episodes in, viewers have been treated to an amazing experience filled with eye-catching stages, brilliant dance moves, fiery vocals, and stunning visuals.

We took a poll on April 8 asking ur readers to vote for their favorite 1st stage performance by the idols on the show. A host of votes were cast and we thank you for your active participation. The results are in! Here are the top 3 favorite 1st stages from “Queendom 2” according to Kpopmap readers.



VIVIZ’s outstanding march-up performances of songs ‘Time for the Moon Night’ and ‘Rough’, saw them claim the number one spot on this poll with 26.4% (7,072) of the total votes. The idol’s incredible performance had so many memorable charms that completely captivated viewers and left them excited about this season of the show.



Perhaps one of the fan-favorite idol groups on the show already, BRAVE GIRLS lived up to every expectation set as they rank second on this poll with 25.6% (6,853) of the total votes. Their amazing performance of songs ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ and ‘Rollin” left fans and viewers in awe of their impressive talents.



WJSN’s impressive stage performance of ‘As You Wish’ left a memorable note in the minds of viewers as many were expressively impressed with this brilliant stage performance. Filled with various exciting elements that highlighted their charms, with 15.1% (4,035) of the total votes, they rank third in this poll.

You can check out the poll below.

Which of these performances is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.


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