MONSTA X’s Kihyun And I.M Emotionally Conclude “Midnight Idol”


Another Naver NOW program from MONSTA X members had its final episode, making global MONBEBE reminisce all the fun and heartwarming memories.

MONSTA X’s Kihyun and I.M successfully concluded the final episode of Naver NOW’s Midnight Idol.

monsta x kihyun i.m midnight idol

On April 12, MONSTA X’s Kihyun and I.M bid farewell to Naver NOW viewers as they leave their last greetings as hosts of Midnight Idol. Filled with lingering emotions, Kihyun and I.M surprised everyone by wearing the outfits during their first broadcast six months ago.

As the two adorable monstas soothe the regret of the final show, a bunch of behind-the-scenes stories and TMIs made the night more memorable. In particular, Kihyun and I.M shared how they decided to wear their first episode outfits for their last broadcast.

monsta x kihyun i.m midnight idol

And if it weren’t enough heartwarming notes, it turns out that the Midnight Idol staff also had the same idea, making fans’ hearts flutter even more.

MONSTA X’s Kihyun And I.M Made MONBEBE’s Cold Nights The Warmest

Since September 6, 2021, Kihyun and I.M shyly greeted the Naver NOW viewers with the concept of accompanying them till the late nighttime. Six months later, many memories were collected that fans won’t ever forget.

monsta x kihyun i.m midnight idol monsta x kihyun i.m midnight idol

As Kihyun and I.M met with fans throughout the weekdays, I.M expressed that hosting Midnight Idol became a huge part of his life. He also pointed out how the fans would feel sad as it was a platform that let them meet each other every day.

The two also mentioned having a total of 150 episodes. And although a relatively huge number, it still feels like a short time.

monsta x kihyun i.m midnight idol

Kihyun also pointed out how he felt like he became a mature adult after six months as the two constantly discussed small and trivial things. To ease the regret of fans, he promised that there would be another good opportunity for them to meet each other.

Kihyun and I.M also received messages of gratitude from the viewers. In fact, Midnight Idol landed headlines every time the two hosts provided meaningful advice to viewers calling the show.

monsta x kihyun i.m midnight idol

Specifically, Kihyun’s sincere support for viewers who are entering college and I.M’s realistic dating advice made the show more charming and entertaining to watch.

When other idol groups and solo artists also appear on the show, Kihyun and I.M will always make them comfortable. It was an amazing interaction seeing how they would share similar stories and sentiments, having been working in the same industry.

In addition, the unexpected chemistry between the two members also touched the hearts of viewers. I.M mentioned how his friendship with Kihyun became closer and thanked the elder for helping him get through difficulties.

“Honestly, hosting with Kihyun was better than I expected,” the youngest monsta said as they recalled every episode they shared.

monsta x kihyun i.m midnight idol monsta x kihyun i.m midnight idol

At the end of the broadcast, Kihyun and I.M softly bid their last greetings and hoped every MONBEBE’s nights would continue to be warm and pleasant.

Meanwhile, Kihyun and I.M will greet fans through MONSTA X’s 11th mini-album SHAPE of LOVE which will be released on April 26 at 6:00 PM KST. MONSTA X will also have its 2022 fan concert MX AGENT for three days at the SK Handball Stadium in Olympic Park from April 29 until May 1, 2022.

Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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