February 2022 (Kwon Eunbi, CHEEZE, Rolling Quartz, SURAN, Ulala Session, Bumkey) – Asian Junkie


So…y’all want any tracks from February? Great, good – this one is short and sweet, so let’s go!


NINE9 – “Honesty”

Lee Jin Ah (Feat. SOLE) – “Choco”

Kwon Eunbi – “MIRROR”


015B (Feat. Kim Jaewoo) – “Poco”

CHEEZE – “Melting”

(Absolute fave on this playlist, CHEEZE can do absolutely no wrong.)

Rolling Quartz – “Higher”

Ulala Session – “ALIVE”

(Other favourite!)

Sion (Feat. Mommy Son) – “Falling Love”

YLN Foreign – “Low Rider”

OoOo (Feat. Yenjamin) – “FINE”

SURAN (Feat. NCT’s Taeyong) – “Diamonds”

BUMKEY – “Incurable Disease”

Haebin – “Make Your Dream”

Bobae – “Use Me”

(Third fave!)

YOUNG TAK – “Wanna Go Get Some Abalone”


And that’s it! As always, let me know any tracks from February that you think deserved more love — and happy listening!

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