DKZ become a reversal of fate story as initial sales for new single are already over 71 times previous high – Asian Junkie


DKZ (formerly Dongkiz), a group formed by Dongyo Entertainment that debuted back in 2018, has become one of the groups that have suddenly turned their fate around. Since their debut, they have made decently consistent releases, with one or two comebacks a year, but haven’t been met with success as their previous album sales topped out around 5000 and they haven’t charted.

However, the first week sales of their most recent single album ‘Chase Episode 2. Maum‘ has been met with explosive growth, totaling over 71 times as many albums sold as their previous high at 106,213. Hell, it’s over 19 times their previous high in total albums sales.

Of course if this happened for no reason one might question it, but the explosive popular seems to be due to member Jaechan recently starring in ‘Semantic Error‘, which is described as a BL drama. That has in turn led to people becoming fans of him and then checking out the group, which has paid off for the boys.

Congrats to DKZ, as I love to hear any success story like this, especially from a smaller company.

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