GOT7’s Jackson Wang Reveals Why He Wants To Have Kids Before Turning 40


Basking in the glory of his latest single ‘Blow’, a stellar performance at Coachella 2022, and even more amazing things to come, Jackson Wang is on top of the world and the music industry. The artist recently appeared on REAL 92.3’s “The Cruz Show”, hosted by J Cruz, DJ Lechero, Jeff Garcia, and DJ Lezlee, where he opened up about feeling lost in the K-Pop industry, finding his musical identity, and more.

In conversation, host J Cruz brought up Jackson’s goal of retiring at 35 and asked whether it still stands true. Jackson was quick to respond by saying that he definitely has no plans of retiring that early but he would like to have a family sooner than he imagined, preferably before 40 so that he can be with his kids longer. Jackson revealed that his future goal as a father is to be best friends with his children and be in a sort of “club” with them so that they can enjoy life together. Now that’s a fun future Dad if we’ve ever seen one.

You can watch the full video below!

Towards the end of the show, Jackson shared that he sincerely wants to do a world tour but isn’t sure whether that’s something fans would want. AHGASE, comment down below and let Jackson know just how incredible a world tour would be!


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