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Bonus Tasks

Need more points? Want KS to get more excited about what your rookie is doing? You have a chance to earn extra points by promoting your rookie as a bonus task! These are optional.

Unlike official tasks, these are posts that you make in your rookie’s artist thread. Each post is worth 1 point, and you as a team can only earn 2 points per task day.

You can’t earn points during the voting period.

Tag me in your bonus posts so I can give you your points.

Random posts about how much you love the rookie, or conversations with other users do not count.

Examples of Bonus Posts

Fake social media posts
Covers (adding a video of a real cover is an option)
Lives or Vlogs (summarize what happened in the live/vlog, adding media is an option)
*Something else you can think of*

Minimum Requirements

The post must have at least 15 words.

If you’re unsure whether or not something will count as a bonus task, you can run it by me ^^

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