Dreamcatcher Achieves 1st Music Show Win With “MAISON”



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After years of hard work and quality music, Dreamcatcher received their well-deserved first music show win!

April 20 is a day for girl group Dreamcatcher and their fans to celebrate, as the talented ladies are finally able to hold their own music show trophy. This is the artists’ first win since their debut in 2017, making it a very special and precious time for them, and everyone who supports them.


Dreamcatcher stood against BIGBANG, SHINee’s ONEW, IVE, and DKZ on the April 20 episode of Show Champion. The performers impressively came out victorious as the music program’s weekly winner.

The girls returned to the stage for their encore, their happiness big and evident. It was an emotional and joyous moment for all the members, and undoubtedly for their fans as well.

Check out their performance and encore stages below:

Dreamcatcher made their comeback with the second full-length album Apocalypse: Save Us on April 12. This release marked the start of a new trilogy, which is already making an impact. Both the album and the title track “MAISON” ranked high on various global music charts, showcasing the group’s growing success.

Apocalypse: Save Us features 14 songs of different genres to listen to. Seven of the music pieces are the members’ solos, for which they actively participated in creating, making them even more significant.

With so many musical colors in one place, the album, as a whole, contains a little something for everyone.

Video source: ALL THE K-POP YouTube

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