“Love All Play” Spotlights On Career and Love Stories Of Badminton Players



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Love All Play starring Park Ju Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop premieres today on KBS2 TV!

Serving a sporty and romantic story, Love All Play aspires to celebrate the world of motivated and dedicated badminton players.

Love All Play chronicles the story of refreshing twenty-five-year-olds who are both able to find work in badminton.

Additionally, the drama depicts a blissful sports romance among a team, thus, piquing audiences’ interest in how the players’ stories unfold.

In the drama, Park Ju Hyun portrays Park Tae-yang. She is known as the “smash queen” due to her ferocious smashing and has high expectations as an Olympic contender.

Expected to realistically portray the life of a badminton player, Chae Jong Hyeop portrays the role of Park Tae-joon. He is a member of the business team who sees sports as just a job and spends the golden weekend like an ordinary office worker.

Love All Play

Lead Stars Invite Fans To Explore Badminton World With Them

Hoping fans see the efforts of the cast and crew, Park Ju Hyun shares the chemistry to anticipate.

She also reveals her diligent preparations.

“I’ve been preparing since the cold winter, but it’s a work that can heal hearts. I worked hard so that viewers can feel the heartwarming message together. So, I hope you enjoy watching a warm story that suits a spring day. I want to show you Taeyang quickly.”

Meanwhile, CHae Jong Hyeop promises viewers will love the show.

“It contains the story of young people who fight passionately for their dreams and love. Please look forward to the thrilling match that the actors worked hard to film and the romance that is perfect for this spring.”

Love All Play premieres tonight on KBS2 TV!

Source: KBS Drama

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