8 K-Pop Idols Who Live By Fried Chicken (Part 1)


Fried chicken is one of the foods that most people love and that includes many of our favorite Korean celebrities too. From K-Dramas to variety shows, V-Lives, YouTube mukbangs, etc, we have seen them munching deliciously on this meal as we either order a plate to join them or just salivate at the thought of how good it tastes.

Many K-Pop idols have been very vocal about their love for fried chicken as some have over time developed the skill of being able to tell the brand of fried chicken by just having a bite. In various styles and textures, here are some of the K-Pop idols who absolutely live by fried chicken.


 8 K-Pop Idols Who Live By Fried Chicken (Part 1)

Red Velvet Joy’s official Instagram

Red Velvet‘s Joy is one of the K-Pop idols whose love for fried chicken is well known amongst fans. The joy expressed on her face while eating this meal is so adorable, that you just want to pause, order your own set and devour along with her. Taking her love for fried chicken commercial, she was in the commercial for fast food restaurant, Jollibee.


 8 K-Pop Idols Who Live By Fried Chicken (Part 1)

SM Entertainment

EXO‘s Kai is an avid lover of fried chicken and is never shy about expressing his love for the tasty food. When asked by fellow member SuHo why he loves fried chicken so much, he said it was because it reminded him of his childhood.


 8 K-Pop Idols Who Live By Fried Chicken (Part 1)

SHINee Onew’s official Instagram

Fans know that SHINee‘s Onew and his love for fried chicken is an unending saga as we all continue to watch the idol expressively talk about his love for the scrumptious meal. Fun memes have been made as fans always get excited about any news regarding the idol and fried chicken. Many might also even picture how adorable the ‘Dice’ singer would look while eagerly eating a delicious plate.


 8 K-Pop Idols Who Live By Fried Chicken (Part 1)

THE BOYZ’s official Instagram

THE BOYZ members love their fried chicken but no one holds a candle to these two. You cannot part SunWoo from his stir-fried chicken, even while his stomach is hurting, it is a delicious pain as the idol is still munching on the meal. HyunJae loves fried chicken so much that he has wielded the power of being able to tell them apart by brands now.


 8 K-Pop Idols Who Live By Fried Chicken (Part 1)

Kim WooJin’s official Instagram

Kim WooJin is also another idol whom many know for his love of fried chicken. He shocked and thrilled fans during an appearance on MBC’s “Weekly Idol” where he was able to tell different platters of chicken apart by simply taking a bite.


 8 K-Pop Idols Who Live By Fried Chicken (Part 1)

SF9 Chani’s official Instagram

Probably every K-Pop fan on the internet knows of SF9 Chani’s love for fried chicken. Many have seen his reactions to the meal during V-Lives, others have read a fan tweet or an interview where he has talked about how much he loves chicken. His love for fried chicken has made him the right ambassador for a fried chicken brand as alongside other members of SF9, he has also starred in a fried chicken commercial.


 8 K-Pop Idols Who Live By Fried Chicken (Part 1)

VIXX Ravi’s official Instagram

Ravi is also another idol that many fans know of his love for fried chicken. He has often revealed that it is one of his favorite foods and we hope to get a mukbang session with EXO’s Kai, watching them deliciously eat a pack or two, while they banter about everything.


 8 K-Pop Idols Who Live By Fried Chicken (Part 1)

PArk JiHoon’s official Instagram

Park JiHoon’s love for fried chicken is one of the well-known facts in K-Pop as the idol always talks about how much he loves eating them. Fans love how expressive he has always been about the food. It must have been a funny scene when his character from the drama “Seen from a Distance, Green Spring” said “he hates fried chicken” as the actor himself is can’t seem to stop eating it.


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