“Monstrous” Mounts Haunting and Cryptic Supernatural Story



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TVING’s newest supernatural thriller series is raising interest owing to its enigmatic premise.

Monstrous chronicles the story of people in a village where a cursed Buddha image appears. Thereafter, mysterious events occur in the village causing chaos and fear.

Ahead of its premiere, character stills of Koo Kyo Hwan and Shin Hyun Bin are unveiled.

Portraying the characters of Jung Ki-hoon and Lee Su-jin respectively, their expressions show a happy couple who go on the usual perfect normal life.

However, an unexpected accident shakes their world when their one and only daughter died.

In the drama, Ki-hoon studies strange phenomena while Su-jin is a genius code breaker.

Attention is focused on whether the two talented scholars will be able to prevent a catastrophic event and how this disaster will change their relationship.

Sharing his thoughts about the female lead, Koo Kyo Hwan remarked that Shin Hyun Bin is always ready to shower the set with her kindness. “Even when she is nervous, she gives me peace of mind,” the actor added.

Likewise, Shin praised Koo for his humor and sensible ideas.

“There were a lot of times we filmed difficult and painful scenes together rather than enjoyable scenes. I was able to shoot comfortably and happily thanks to Koo Kyo Hwan’s humor, sensible ideas and genuine care.”

Monstrous premieres on TVING on April 29. International fans can watch it on Viu.


Source: Sports Donga

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