BLANK2Y Are Ambassadors For “Blossom The Hope 2022”


Blossom the Hope” is a healing festival in the middle of the city, sending a message of hope and healing. It is a reinterpretation and recreation of space focused on a green and healthy future. This event will feature various music and artist content and is more than just a social media photo opportunity. The hope is to inspire people to incorporate the message of “hope and feeling from nature” in their everyday lives.

BLANK2Y Are Ambassadors For "Blossom The Hope 2022"

C-Festival Instagram

Pre-debut group BLANK2Y was appointed as ambassadors for this year’s “Blossom the Hope”. BLANK2Y is a boy group consists of 9 members, under Keystone Entertainment. The members of the group came from Korea, Japan and China. The rookie boy group is set to debut on May 24, 2022. Fans will be excited to see DK, Louis, DongHyuk, SiWoo, Mikey, YoungBin, U, SungJun, and SoDam in this event.

The festival is happening from May 2nd to May 8th, 2022, at various locations across COEX and the Trade Center (Seoul, Korea).


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