LE SSERAFIM Mesmerizes With New Siren-Like Concept Images


LE SSERAFIM captivates fans in their newest concept images for their debut mini-album, FEARLESS.

LE SSERAFIM encapsulates mystery and intrigue with their newest round of concept images. The members, posed in water, are reminiscent of mermaids or sirens. With these images, expectations elevate for their nearing debut as fans’ curiosity regarding their musical concept and worldview increase.


Their first round of concept images, titled “Vol.1 BLACK PETROL”, depicted a fiercer look from the group. Donning leather and black statement pieces, the group showed dignified and chic confidence.

Meanwhile, their newest group and individual images emphasize their enigma. In elegant outfits with a more neutral color palette, the members embody poised sophistication.

The second concept called, “Vol.2 BLUE CHYPRE”, highlights the members’ graceful visuals. Moreover, the captions of the images further allude to the concept’s connections to the ocean.

The images communicate messages such as, “I’m living my life, I’ll keep everything I want. You can’t turn me into seafoam” and “Smother the world with my sea.”

The contrast between their first powerful concept images to the mystifying intrigue of the latter round only stimulates more curiosity for the group’s mini-album.


LE SSERAFIM will reveal their tracklist on the 25 followed by a highlight medley on the 27. Their first music video teaser will release on the 29, with the second unveiling on May 1.

Their debut marks the emergence of HYBE’s first girl group, launched in partnership with Source Music. HYBE’s chairman Bang Sihyuk and the creative director Kim Seonghyeon will directly contribute to their debut project. The group already amassed impressive global attention, surpassing more than 270,000 pre-orders for their mini-album within the first week of the buying period.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM will make their debut on May 2 at 6 PM KST with FEARLESS.

Source: Star News

Image Source: HYBE | Source Music

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