ATEEZ Drops Comeback Announcement Through QR Code Posters


ATEEZ ushers in a new era as they announce their comeback through QR code posters, leading to a mysterious teaser video.

Right before their first Madrid concert, ATEEZ thrilled fans by announcing their upcoming comeback in July. Through a series of QR code posters found in Hongdae, Seoul and by the concert venue in Madrid, Spain, the group led fans to an unlisted video on YouTube unveiling the news.

While the next era is on the way for ATEEZ, their upcoming comeback already shows strong connections to their prior releases. In 2019, ahead of their third EP release with TREASURE EP.3: One To All, ATEEZ utilized coded posters to hint at their forthcoming summer project.

Additionally, the teaser video for their newest comeback connects to their performance of, “RHYTHM TA (The Awakening of Summer)”, on Mnet’s Kingdom. Using the same introductory sound source, a narrator states, “There is a disease in the heart of man. The disease is human emotion.”

By using highlighting the connection between their new music and that specific performance, ATEEZ seems to allude to a greater exploration of the anarchic themes in their conceptual worldview.

The narration is continued with new lines, as labelmate MADDOX says, “Wake up. Wake up, world. Are you there? It’s time.”

Moreover, the video shows a television glitching while showing the infamous white-masked man. As such, curiosity regarding the comeback’s connection to ATEEZ’s doppelganger “HALATEEZ” arc also rises.

Their comeback teaser, while succinct, is evidence of ATEEZ’s extraordinary worldbuilding. Though many details are still shrouded in secrecy regarding their next project, fans can already anticipate another enthralling dive into the conceptual world of ATEEZ with their next release.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will make their comeback in July and perform in Japan that same month as part of their world tour.

Source: KQ Entertainment

Video Source: KQ Entertainment

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