Hidden Gems: Not in Public by Summer Cake


​On this series we remember songs that have been forgotten or were never even given the attention they deserved. Today’s Hidden Gem is Not In Public by Summer Cake

I found this video by chance.  Didn’t know anything about her, but I fell in love instantly.  First of all, her vocals are really amazing and crystal clear.  Secondly, I think it’s interesting how the video was taken in one shot.  Finally, it’s the type of song you like after only one listen.  All in all, she needs more attention.

So I did research on her.  She was supposed to debut in a group called High Color with Huh Chanmi after she appeared on Produce 101.  That group competed on Produce 101 and both Summer Cake and Chanmi made it somewhat far, but didn’t make the final lineup.  High Color’s debut fell apart and the members went their separate ways.  ​This song was her latest comeback because it’s only like a month old.  She’s been pretty active this year and hopefully she’ll start to get more attention.

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