MONSTA X Shows Off An Unrivaled Visual Presentation In Third Set Of Concept Photos For “SHAPE of LOVE”


No words can express MONSTA X’s entire perfection in these new concept photos for the much-anticipated return!

As always, MONSTA X is out here dazzling global MONBEBE with another set of concept photos for the 11th mini-album SHAPE of LOVE.

monsta x concept photos vibe version shape of love

On April 21, the powerhouse group revealed the Vibe version of the concept photos. The MONSTA X members displayed a flawless visual combination as they devoured a silk-based robe concept with luxurious embroidered accents.

In addition, each talented monsta shook the hearts of many with a relaxed atmosphere while effortlessly exuding a languid sexiness.

Minhyuk and Hyungwon emphasized neat and bright visuals in white robes, while Kihyun and I.M pursued a chic image in navy colors. Kpop’s best rapper, Joohoney, donned a cleverly integrated two-color, establishing a perfect balance for the formidable team.

After the Love and Originality versions, the Vibe version of concept photos depicted the MONSTA X members in a comfortable mood, with musings on what they love, including past memories and their numerous worries for the future.

monsta x concept photos vibe version shape of love monsta x concept photos vibe version shape of love

The 11th mini-album SHAPE of LOVE will express various aspects of love, starting from self-appreciation, love for music, and MONSTA X’s unending love for fans. Now at the third set of photos, fans are anticipating what kind of concept the Everything version will bring, which will soon be unveiled.

monsta x concept photos vibe version shape of love

Following “GAMBLER” and “Rush Hour,” Joohoney brings out his creativity by producing the title track himself. “LOVE” will convey a love message of doing everything for MONBEBE, the ones who MONSTA X cherishes the most.

The album will also include five more songs with Hyungwon and I.M’s compositions. Meanwhile, MONSTA X’s 11th mini-album SHAPE of LOVE will be released on various online music sites on April 26 at 6:00 PM KST.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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