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I am almost caught up (I think) :soob: Actually I still have yet to listen to any bsides from this year so…:sicacry:

I feel like this is the kind of music they should have debuted with, it fits them so well!

I don’t dislike it but I wouldn’t add it to my playlist. It’s just not for me I suppose.

It sounds really off to me tbh, like it’s incomplete or something.

I feel like most won’t like this since it includes trot, but that’s exactly why I really enjoyed this. It’s super fun and catchy tbh.

It’s not something I personally enjoy but I think lots of other people would like it.

Nct always are a hit or miss for me and unfortunately this is a miss. But I like this hair color for Jisung.

I don’t like it :yolk: I was really looking forward to this comeback as well.

I have mixed feelings, I like the instrumental and like the verses but I don’t like the chorus very much. I is so sorry @Tickita

Based off the beginning I wasn’t expecting to like this but by the end I was really enjoying it

You can definitely see the improvement with his solo work. I like the beat and it’s really catchy but I feel like it sounds slightly empty so by the end I just felt like it didn’t have the impact he was going for.

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