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Netflix has revealed the main trailer for The Sound of Magic, a story featuring Yoon Ah-yi, a girl who has lost sight of her dreams in the face of reality, and Na Il-deung, a boy pressured to pursue his dreams. An unexpected yet enchanting story unfolds when they encounter the mystical magician Rieul.

Speaking about his role, Ji Chang-wook stirs up curiosity about his character, saying, “Ri-eul is a mysterious character that will surely intrigue the audience! The line between vice and virtue is irrelevant when it comes to Ri-eul as he constructs and lives in his own world.”

Behind the Scenes: Insights from the Director and Writers

Director Kim Sung-yoon launched the project intending to preserve the original webtoon’s message. He was moved by how the original story depicted the characters wavering between dreams and reality and how “magic” alleviated their hardships. Kim first proposed this live series adaptation to the original webtoon writer Ha Il-kwon, and after a decade, they’re now ready to present it to global audiences!

Kim says working on the hit series Itaewon Class gave him a better understanding of the rift between a webtoon and live series. He involved writers Kim Min-jung and Ha Il-kwon from the early planning stages to share ideas as well as to set the right direction and tone. He said, “I thought integrating music into the magic theme could effectively convey the story’s message.” By weaving in music, choreography, and CG to the original narrative, he created attractive visuals and a compelling narrative that can eventually drive emotional impact.

Writer Kim Min-jung focused on bridging the gaps between the webtoon and the live series, paying close attention to details to suit the overall production. She commented, “The necessary process of revising detailed elements was not easy. It simultaneoulsy required matching the song lyrics to the context of the plotline, convincingly depicting the character’s emotions, and aligning the right kind of magic for the character Ri-eul.”

The Message of The Sound of Magic

Both director Kim Sung-yoon and writer Kim Min-jung agreed that they needed to preserve the message of the original webtoon. And through the story, they focused on delving into the question of what it means to dream and become a true adult. Writer Kim Min-jung hopes viewers can see the different types of adults from Ah-yi and Il-deung’s perspectives, and reflect upon what it means to be a “good” grown-up.

The original webtoon writer Ha Il-kwon praised the newly-reborn fantasy music series saying, “I was excited and truly happy watching the adaptation of my original story.” He added, “The Sound of Magic is a story about dreams and the reality of young people and adults. Languages and cultures may differ, but I believe these key themes can resonate with everyone”.

Director Kim Sung-yoon echoed the sentiment, “The series conveys a message about what it means to become a proper grown-up. I hope this message can become a gift for young and old alike during this delightful season of May!”

The Sound of Magic will be released on 6 May, only on Netflix.

Production Information

Original Webtoon: Annarasumanara by Ha Il-kwon
Directed by: Kim Sung-yoon
Written by: Kim Min-jung
Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Choi Sung-eun, Hwang In-youp et al.
Produced by: JTBC Studios, content zium
Distributed by: Netflix
Release Date: 6 May 2022
Official Website:

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