Green Tea Seed Serum 4.0 + innisfree x Peanuts Limited Collection · K-POPPED!



The Green Tea Seed Serum is innisfree’s No. 1 serum, and with good reason. The pre-serum is designed for use right after cleansing to hydrate and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier for a clear, healthy, water-glowing complexion. What’s new? The fan-favourite product is now upgraded to classy, more eco-friendly glass bottle packaging.

  • Instantly increases moisture by 710%
  • Improves skin moisture barrier by 92.3%* in 30 minutes
  • Softens skin texture by 5.6%* in 1 hour

*Clinically tested on a total of 31 females aged between 20 – 49, Global Medical Research Centre, 16th Nov – 20th Nov 2020.

Price: RM123.00 / 80ml

Build a Healthy Moisture Barrier with Green Tea Biome

innisfree’s Green Tea Biome (aka Green Tea Tri-Biotics™) utilises the unique synergy of pre-, pro-, and postbiotics to help balance the skin’s microbiome to better support the skin’s protective barrier.

Intensive Moisturising

Contains Beauty Green Tea, green tea seed oil, and 5 types of hyaluronic acid to provide moisture and nourishment deep into your skin. Its combination of ceramide, squalene, and lecithin helps to maintain the skin’s lipid layer to prevent moisture loss.

Soothe Weakened Skin

It is also formulated with allantoin and panthenol to help soothe temporary redness due to external irritation. It has been dermatologically and non-comedogenic tested.

Conscious Formula & Packaging

This pre-serum with an 8-free* formula has revamped its packaging to a bottle made of 60% recycled glass, a metal-less pump, and an outer box made of discarded green tea and recycled pulp.

*8-free: animal ingredients, silicone oil, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, triethanolamine, imidazolidinyl urea, synthetic coloring, paraben.


innisfree x Peanuts Limited Collection

innisfree’s best-sellers meet the Peanuts gang! The friends including SNOOPY, CHARLIE BROWN, LUCY, LINUS, and SALLY BROWN are teaming up to keep you company and your complexion clear and soft!

These beloved characters have been warming hearts for over 70 years across generations and borders. There’s no stopping them now!

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