VIVIZ Charms Global Listeners With “BOP BOP! (Yves V) Remix”


VIVIZ makes strides in their global presence with the sleek remix of “BOP BOP!” with DJ Yves V.

VIVIZ displays their impressive global growth, collaborating with the American DJ, Yves V, for a remix of their hit debut track, “BOP BOP!”


The former GFRIEND members, SinB, Eunha, and Umji, made their re-debut this February as a trio under Big Planet Made Entertainment. With their first project, Beam of Prism, the artists proudly emerged as VIVIZ and showed their own unique colors to fans who eagerly awaited their new sound.

Their title, “BOP BOP!”, charmed listeners with its disco appeal and upbeat melody. Aptly named “BOP BOP!”, the debut song packed a punch as a fun and addictive earworm. Quickly rising as a hit song, VIVIZ now captivates fans once again with the track albeit in a new form.

Working with American DJ, Yves V, the group refreshes “BOP BOP!” with an entirely different sound.

Considered the first project as part of VIVIZ’s steps towards their full-fledged activities to enter the US market, “BOP BOP! (Yves V Remix)”, showcases the group’s versatility and vocal prowess.

If the original track was a dazzling introduction to VIVIZ, its remix is its darker counterpart.

With an emphasis on deeper synths, “BOP BOP! (Yves V Remix)”, reworks the addictive foundations of the original to create another catchy playlist addition.

The contrast of the lower instrumentals to the members’ voices draws heavier attention to the VIVIZ’s impressive vocal skills and complementary synergy as a group. Moreover, while the original was a fun and flirty listen, the remix delivers a more sensual and sleek take than the first.

In their collaboration with DJ Yves V, VIVIZ broadens their global reach in the music market. Furthermore, they demonstrate their versatility to their loyal fans and provide a teaser for the new musical sides of themselves that they will continue revealing in the future.

Image and Video Source: BPM Entertainment | The Unit Label

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