(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Tops Domestic Charts With Solo Release “Drive”


(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon shows hot popularity on the music charts with her solo debut title track.

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon receives impressive attention for her title track, “Drive”, topping domestic music charts. The artist just made her solo debut with her mini-album, MY, which was released on April 27.


“Drive” topped Bugs’ real-time charts in addition to placing within the top ranks on Melon and Genie.

Miyeon’s charting success reflects her popularity as a solo act, as well as the fans’ anticipation of her solo music. Aside from her various OST releases, this is Miyeon’s first solo project since debuting with (G)I-DLE four years ago. Moreover, she is the third member of the K-Pop group to release solo music.

Her title track, “Drive”, enthralled listeners as it highlighted Miyeon’s musical sensibility. The guitar sounds and her refreshing vocals shaped an emotional listen.

The lyrics encouraged listeners to keep their own colors and not to lose themselves moving forward.

Meanwhile, the music video for the track reflected the freeing message of the song. With various scenes of Miyeon running throughout nature or contemplating by the skyline, the video communicated the meaningful lyrics of her solo release.

Moreover, her mini-album MY, showcases Miyeon’s musicality as a solo act. The songs include, “Rose”, “Drive”, “Softly”, “Charging (feat. JUNNY), and “Rain”.

With the six tracks, the artist delivered sentimental moods and her clear vocals, establishing strong foundations for her solo discography.

Meanwhile, Miyeon will embark on promotions for her solo debut. This includes music broadcast stages for “Drive”, in addition to various promotional content for fans to enjoy.

Source: Korea Economic Daily

Image and Video Source: Cube Entertainment

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