Kim MinGue Opens Up His Own Love Counselling Centre For “ELLE Korea”


Actor Kim MinGue, who stole hearts left and right as the ideal boyfriend Cha SungHoon in “Business Proposal“, has been gaining more and more attention globally for his incredible acting skills and princely visuals. He recently dropped by “ELLE Korea” for a fun session of “Love Counselling Centre” to give precious dating advice to fans and cure their woes.

In the course of the video, Kim MinGue revealed his take on the infamous sesame leaf debate. The argument revolves around how someone would react if their significant other helped their attractive friend take apart sesame leaves, which are known for being stick and hard to separate. Kim MinGue admitted that it would be frustrating for him to see someone struggling with the sesame leaves and so to get to his turn faster, he would just grab it for them.

Kim MinGue Opens Up His Own Love Counselling Centre For "ELLE Korea"

Kim MinGue’s Instagram

Kim MinGue also revealed that when it comes to love, age does not matter to him. He advised viewers to date as much as possible and even give younger partners a try! If you’re looking for a man like Kim MinGue, however, it might be a little difficult even though the actor himself insists that there are many people like him and even better than him in this world.

You can watch the full video here!


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