4 Reasons To Gush Over Lee SooHyuk As Park JoongGil In “Tomorrow”


Tomorrow” is a drama based on the webtoon of the same name. The drama follows the story of Choi JunWoong, who gets involved in an accident with the Risk Management Team of the underworld. In order to make up for it, he got the offer to work with a Risk Management Team. In return, he could get out of the coma in six months.

The leading actors of the dramas are: Kim HeeSeon, SF9’s RoWoon, Lee SooHyuk and Yoon JiOn.

Lee SooHyuk plays the character Park JoongGil. Park JoongGil is the head of the Humanitarian Management Team in the spirit department. The actor gives justice to the character with his immaculate acting and fans cannot help but be obsessed over him in “Tomorrow” and many agree that the role was made for him. And here is why we are obsessing over him as Park JoongGil.

The article contains spoilers.


1. Lee SooHyuk’s Striking Resemblance With The Character

Fans were surprised to see the striking resemblance between Lee SooHyuk and Park JoongGil from the webtoon.

 4 Reasons To Gush Over Lee SooHyuk As Park JoongGil In "Tomorrow"

“Tomorrow”‘s Webtoon

Lee SooHyuk is a tall and has a strong built jut like the character. It is amusing to see how both of them have the same face structure. The actor also applied dark eyeshadow beneath his eyes to look more like the character. He has added his charms to complete the character. In the drama, we also see Lee SooHyuk express the perfectionist ideology of the character through his fine attire, that is mostly suits or long coats, and the perfectly styled hair.

 4 Reasons To Gush Over Lee SooHyuk As Park JoongGil In "Tomorrow"



2. Lee SooHyuk Adopts Park JoongGil’s Authoritative Aura

 4 Reasons To Gush Over Lee SooHyuk As Park JoongGil In "Tomorrow"


Starting with episode 1, Lee SooHyuk amazes the viewers with his powerful entry. He is seen entering a club, to escort the soul of a gangster. The soul attacks him with a knife but he calmly holds the knife, staring at the male with his deathly gaze. He quickly puts the soul under his control.

And we are left swooning at that.

Park JoongGil has an elite position among the Grim Reapers and is highly respected. Whenever he approaches the Risk Management Team, GuRyun (Kim HeeSeon) and Lim RyungGu (Yoon JiOn) will lower their gaze in respect.

Lee SooHyk adopts the authoritative aura perfectly, be it with his straight posture and even his powerful walk. And a bonus to that, his deep voice helps him to sound more authoritative.


3. He Perfectly Expresses Park JoongGil’s Nature

Though Park JoongGil exudes coldness and is often seen with a poker face, the previous episodes show him slightly in a new light. Viewers discover a warm heart beneath the cold exterior, which he tends to hide.

In episode 6, when escorting a veteran soldier, Lee YoungChun (Jeon MuSong). Park JoongGil requests the procedure to be grand so as to honor his efforts. Though when GuRyun asks him to do so, he gives a cold life.

Also in episode 8, he approaches the scene when JunWoong (SF9’s RoWoon) refuses to save JinHo or Betamale (played by Min JinWoong). As he was responsible for exploiting depressed people and pushing them to death. Park JoongGil approaches the man, and gives him a glimpse of hell, which quickly changes his mind. Park JoongGil also knew it would help change JunWoong’s mind. Yet he does not expose his intentions.

 4 Reasons To Gush Over Lee SooHyuk As Park JoongGil In "Tomorrow"


Also, near the end of episode 8, when Jade Hwang (Kim HaeSook) compliments JunWoong for making the right decision. JoongGil is hesitant to do so, but by his expression it is seen that he thought the same.


4. The Fiery Chemistry Between Lee SooHyuk And Kim HeeSeon

 4 Reasons To Gush Over Lee SooHyuk As Park JoongGil In "Tomorrow"


It was not until recently in episode 8, that the viewers found out about the two characters had a history (back when both of them were alive). Yet netizens were quick to suspect so even before the revelation.

Lee SooHyuk and Kim HeeSeon impressed the viewers with their fiery chemistry. Despite having a decade age gap between them. Fans absolutely loved the tension perfectly executed between the characters.

In the drama, Park JoongGil was against the formation of a Risk Management Team and clashed with GuRyun. It was also revealed that GuRyun initially worked under Park JoongGil till she was appointed to lead the RM team of the underworld.

It is in episode 6, when Park JoongGil shows a soft side to GuRyun. He praises her for being there, for she had a hard time seeing people pass away, so she would only escort criminals. The shift from a glare to a soft appearance melted the hearts of many.

Similarly, in episode 8, a glimpse into the past is revealed (whilst GuRyun is working under him). Park JeongGil is still seen talking rather softly with her and will even smile- the first smile in the entire series.

Netizens are curious to know more about their past lives and even excited for their ship might finally be sailing!


Lee SooHyuk fits into the character fully, be it the physical resemblance or the way he imitates Park JoongGil’s aura. We cannot imagine anyone else as Park JoongGil other than Lee SooHyuk.


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