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(Hamin is Kangmin’s new stage name)

Jihun, Hyunwoo, Siwoo, and Kangmin (now Hamin) of TRCNG are redebuting together, probably in June after all the members finally escaped TS!

TRCNG debuted in 2017 with a maknae concept (Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation is their name) at 15 -17 years old, and as of their last comeback in 2019, were all still teenagers. The members were under TS where they faced horrible treatment, and were even sued by two members, who TS then kicked out of the group, and have been inactive since, nearly 3 years. The members have been trying to stay active nevertheless by making covers, going on survival shows, writing and composing their own music and releasing it for fans to hear. Hayoung has even written many songs for other groups, his producing group even wrote all the songs for Le Sserafim (I don’t think Hayoung participated since he enlisted in the military early at age 20 though). Please support these members’ redebut, the boys are very talented and they deserve it!



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