Boy Crush: We Can’t Get Enough Of ASTRO’s MJ And His Endearing Sunshine Energy


If you are a Kpopmap reader, you would’ve noticed that there is an ongoing weekly series called “Girl Crush” that explores women in the Korean industry that many admire and have a crush on.

Welcome to the eighth article of our weekly series “Boy Crush“! This series will appreciate the men in K-Pop and K-Dramas that we have a crush on based on anything from their style, talent, personality, overall vibe, etc.

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Back to this week’s feature! Let’s get to know our crush, MJ!

Boy Crush: We Can't Get Enough Of ASTRO's MJ And His Endearing Sunshine Energy


MJ is famous as a member of the popular and multi-talented boy group ASTRO. The group is known for their never-ending charm in all industries, captivating performances, and lovable personalities.

MJ is an asset to the group as he is multi-faceted with a huge musical range. Not only can he pull off any genre, but he is also one of the idol musical and drama actors that many look forward to seeing on stage and onscreen.

Boy Crush: We Can't Get Enough Of ASTRO's MJ And His Endearing Sunshine Energy

ASTRO MJ’s Instagram

In case you are new to MJ, here is some basic information about him. MJ was born on March 5 in 1994.

He was a contestant in the 2012 JYP Entertainment X HUM audition where he won a one-year scholarship to Seoul National University (one of the top 3 universities in Korea).

MJ is also known as the ASTRO member who had the shortest training period. He immediately became the main vocal and ASTRO debuted in 2016.

Best known for his powerful vocals, you’ll notice that MJ’s vocal tone is so special that once you’ve become accustomed to it, you will be able to identify him singing with your eyes closed. It is unique and has a velvet-like silkiness to it that melts into your ears.

Check out his performance on “King of Mask Singer” here.


His voice has a beautiful air to it as he makes use of vibrato, matching it to his stable live vocals. He especially gets praised for his high notes and ad-libs.

You should also pay special attention to his part in ‘Knock’ to get a feel for his vocal color in a group setting.


Another song that you absolutely have to listen to if you are getting into MJ’s vocals is his cover of ‘So Long’.


MJ is also skilled at producing music. He has taken part in writing, composing, and/or arranging many of ASTRO’s songs such as ‘You & Me (Thanks AROHA)’, ‘Bloom’, and ‘Sunset Sky’, to name just a few. In an interview, he said that he started composing because music can represent many emotions and he wanted to share his feelings with many people.

Those who are new to ASTRO may not know this about MJ but he is actually very into trot music and performs it exceptionally well.

He participated in the MBC show “Favorite Entertainment” in 2020, becoming part of the 5-member project group Super Five and using his full name Kim MyungJun for the duration of the show. The group was a trot and dance group that had a unique concept. Each member had a representative sauce. MJ’s sauce was oil sauce (기름장 in Korean).

Check out Super Five’s song ‘All eyes on me’ here.


In 2021, he made his solo debut with a trot digital single complete with a title that encompasses MJ’s aura. It is called ‘Happy Virus’ or ‘Get Set Yo’ and features the 9-year-old rising trot artist Kim TaeYeon. The song was co-produced by one of the hottest artists on the Korean trot scene YeongTak.

Listen to ‘Happy Virus’ here.


However, MJ was performing trot songs before he debuted with Super Five or as a solo artist.

He also performed a trot stage for his song ‘Cheok Cheok’ at one of ASTRO’s concerts in 2018. The genre suits him incredibly well as it is vibrant and exciting. There are also sadder songs in the genre that hold a lot of melancholy and nostalgia, which he pulls off amazingly. Whether it is a cheerful song or a mellow song, seeing the liveliness on his face when he performs trot is quite the treat for K-Pop and trot fans alike.

He always looks incredibly happy when performing these songs. Fans affectionately call him the ‘King of Trot’.

Check out his goosebump-raising performance of ‘Rain of Tears’.


MJ is not only musically talented, but as we’ve mentioned, he is also an actor. His most recent projects include the musical “Jack the Ripper” and the web drama “Find Me If You Can“. His acting is compelling and allows his charms to shine through. You don’t want to miss out on his acting either.

Boy Crush: We Can't Get Enough Of ASTRO's MJ And His Endearing Sunshine Energy

Dream Theatre

MJ is the oldest member of ASTRO, but is known as the honorary maknae because of his mood maker energy. Fans who are new to ASTRO might mistake him for the maknae at first because of his bright sunshine-like energy. AROHA love his radiance which gives you a mood boost just as if the sun were shining on your face. His warm disposition makes him a true gem.

Boy Crush: We Can't Get Enough Of ASTRO's MJ And His Endearing Sunshine Energy

ASTRO MJ’s Instagram

As the mood maker of the group, he is known for making lame jokes and doing funny impressions. One of these legendary impressions is of a chicken. He has even sung EXO‘s ‘Growl’ and ChungHa‘s ‘Gotta Go’ using a chicken voice. Check it out below.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate his visuals. MJ is so so handsome with his small face, charming monolids, and facial proportions. One of the most alluring points on his face is the way that the corners of his mouth go up when he smiles. It is a small detail but many fans love this about him. Overall, he has an ethereal vibe to his visuals.

He has even been acknowledged as a face genius during his time on “Favorite Entertainment”. We think he is a genius in many other aspects too.

Boy Crush: We Can't Get Enough Of ASTRO's MJ And His Endearing Sunshine Energy


Boy Crush: We Can't Get Enough Of ASTRO's MJ And His Endearing Sunshine Energy


We need a second to appreciate his beautiful hands that he also gets a lot of praise for.

Boy Crush: We Can't Get Enough Of ASTRO's MJ And His Endearing Sunshine Energy

DAZED / ASTRO MJ’s Instagram

Lastly, we need to take one final moment to appreciate his adorable dimples.

Boy Crush: We Can't Get Enough Of ASTRO's MJ And His Endearing Sunshine Energy

Fantagio Entertainment

MJ will be enlisting in the military this May. We are wishing him a safe and healthy journey.

What do you think? Do you have a crush on MJ?


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