LE SSERAFIM debut with a monotonous dud in “FEARLESS” – Asian Junkie


I’m basically one of those consumers that’s a built-in fan of Source Music‘s new girl group LE SSERAFIM, already very familiar with half the lineup and believing the others have potential (though not without controversy). That reality is also presumably why their pre-sales are through the roof and the hype for their debut was sky high.

But it’s also what makes their debut with “FEARLESS” so disappointing. It makes the listener spend the entire song waiting for the next gear or something, but it just never happens and the result is just so … boring*. The bassline is fine but it just kind of drones on for three minutes and then wants you to believe that the monotonous delivery of the ostensible hook will be confused with cool indifference, but it’s not catchy and the verses are unremarkable as well.

They look amazing, though.

*Also, the audio was weirdly quiet for me, which made the experience even worse.

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