MAMAMOO’s WheeIn Releases New MV For Special Fan Single ‘D-Day’


MAMAMOO’s WheeIn released a new music video for her special fan song ‘D-Day’. She previously released the song at a fanmeeting that took place on her birthday, April 17th, as a gift to her fans for all their love and support over the years.

You may watch “D-Day” music video here.

The music video begins by showing WheeIn in a dream-like sequence and then transitions to her on stage in front of her fans at the fan meet. The video highlights WheeIn’s special connection with her fans after finally being able to meet them face to face since the start of the pandemic.

WheeIn recently held her first-ever solo fan meeting last April 17. The fan meeting was made available for her fans both online and offline. In the event, she presented ‘D-Day’, which was a song she especially created for her fans.

MAMAMOO's WheeIn Releases New MV For Special Fan Single 'D-Day'


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