MONSTA X Completes 3-Day Fan Concert, Gifts Monbebe A Meaningful Reunion


Filled with precious moments, MONSTA X wrapped up their first concert in three years!

Monbebes and MONSTA X celebrated their long-awaited reunion at the 2022 MONSTA X FAN-CON MX AGENT.

All of the tickets were sold out at the same time as the opening of the fan concert. It was held from April 29 to May 1, filling the venue with cheers and screams from fans that missed the boys.

MyMusicTaste graciously broadcasted the last day of the concert worldwide for fans that were not able to attend.

Since this is the first face-to-face concert in more than three years, it was filled with special moments. 

MONSTA X opened with “Ride with U”, setting the mood for the following song, “You Problem”. After emotionally greeting the fans, they sang key songs from their early years. That includes “Blue Moon”, “Honestly”, “Need U”, and “In Time” which fondly recalls their rookie years.

Turning the tables, the group performed their latest title track “LOVE” from their new mini-album Shape of Love. Thereafter, through various corners, the members communicated with the crowd with eagerness. In particular, Shownu, who is in military service, surprised his co-members and Monbebes by visiting the concert hall on holiday. 

During the three-day concert, MONSTA X expressed their infinite love for Monbebes. Minhyuk shared his feelings and hopes that everyone felt their happiness during the event.

Hyungwon, who was overwhelmed with emotion during his ment, also said some comforting words. He said, “Looking at MONBEBE, I think I’ve been worried for no reason. I was so happy at the fan concert for three days. I’ll continue to show you good performances, so I hope you’ll always be as bright and strong as you are now.”

Monbebes returned the affection with screams of “I love you”, making the atmosphere warm for the members. Nearing the end of the concert, their spirits were lifted once again.

It’s not a MONSTA X concert if the place didn’t light up like a big nightclub in the waning moments. Performing “Autobahn”, “ZONE”, and “Fallin’” got everyone jumping in place once again.

Finally, as a gift to the fans, they performed “사랑한다”, a heartwarming track also from their new mini-album. 

After the fan concert, the boys expressed their gratitude through their online posts.

“We are blessed to be loved while doing what we like. The new song “LOVE” was also made for MONSTA X and MONBEBE. We will do our best to expand our energy around the world. As we spend every moment with our fans, we feel like a family. We’re thankful to MONBEBE for protecting our precious moments.”


PR Source: Starship Entertainment

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