Hidden Gems: Today by BPPOP


On this series we remember songs that have been forgotten or were never even given the attention they deserved. Today’s Hidden Gem is Today by BPPOP


BPPOP debuted in 2013 with this song.  It’s a pretty standard cute concept for the time, but the chorus is just addicting.  Same with the instrumental at the beginning.  They just don’t make Kpop like this anymore.  I miss the music that just put a smile on your face and wasn’t trying to hard to be a certain concept.  Also the girl with black hair literally looks EXACTLY like Tiffany.

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BPPOP made one comeback a year later.  Then they disappeared and we never heard from them again, other than Jane leaving the team before they silently disbanded.  So they probably silently disbanded in 2015.  None of the members are pursuing music today.  Jane got married very recently!  CU owns a store now and is a freelance model, Yujin is a BJ of Afreeca TV.  The other two members disappeared completely.

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