NCT’s 800 members doing synchronized choreo made people think SME’s building was gonna collapse, investigation finds – Asian Junkie


After a serious scare in the relatively new SM Entertainment building, with people complaining of tremors on certain floors and windows cracking, a two-month investigation turned in its results and apparently the cause was basically NCT‘s 750 members being synchronized enough that their dancing is screwing things up.

The investigation team, led by professor Lee Sang Hyun from the department of architecture at Dankook University, presented the following conclusion as the cause of the tremors at ‘Tower D’: “Increased amplitude caused by concentrated, rhythmic group movement.”

The investigation team found that the greatest vibration activity occurred on floors 9 and 10, which houses practice rooms of various SM Entertainment artists. (Practice rooms are also located ob floors 11 and 18.) Finally, the investigation team concluded, “The tremors are caused by SM Entertainment artists or trainees performing synchronized choreography, causing a resonance effect throughout the building. There are no concerns involving safety or related to the architectural design and construction method. Overall, the building is stable. However, we recommend installing devices which can control large vibrations.”

This sounds like a shitpost, and the title is a bit of one, but yes, the dance practices did it. Really it only makes sense that it would be worst when NCT and all their eleventy billion members squeezed in there.

I also hope that the investigation company was absolutely correct in their assessment, because boy would this post age poorly otherwise.

In order to determine the cause of tremors and other concerns raised by the building’s occupants, the building owners (LB Asset Management) requested a formal analysis by the Architectural Institute of Korea. The team formed by the Architectural Institute launched an investigation for approximately 2 months, then recently reported their findings at a presentation involving the building’s owners, as well as representatives of each corporation.

According to the investigation, the tremors were not caused by external forces such as strong winds, earthquakes, or nearby construction. The investigation team then carried out vibration experiments throughout the building and determined that resonance was detected on several floors when concentrated feet drumming occurred for over 30 seconds.

Literally had people quaking.

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