ASTRO’s Eunwoo and Moonbin Mesmerize In Their Romantic Visuals For “Drive To The Starry Road”


Drive to the Starry Road concept photos for Cha Eun Woo and Moonbin make you feel life is good, period!

Dreamy boy group, ASTRO, heightened expectations even more for its third full-length album with Eunwoo and Moonbin’s concept photos. On May 4th, Eunwoo’s pictures were revealed to the public after the charming display of MJ and Jinjin’s snapshots. 

He showed off his all-rounder visuals through the three versions of the images. In “Drive”, he fits the theme by posing inside a convertible in a leather jacket showing off his cool charm.

The second photo has Arohas captivated by Eunwoo’s clear eyes providing stylish energy to the concept.

Wearing a silk shirt, he gives various angles to the “Starry” version. Surely, the fans were pleasantly surprised to see him with a piercing as he laid down nonchalantly for the picture.

The “Road” version provides a stark contrast to the dark mood of the previous version. Here, we see Eunwoo bathed in a romantic mood surrounded by flowers. He even posted with one donning a pastel-toned suit with pearls in his hair.

On May 5th, Moonbin followed up the hype by the release of his concept photos. In the same convertible, he poses against the car seat’s headrest for the “Drive” version.

It seems like silk is the overall concept for the “Starry” version with Moonbin sitting and staring at the camera with a relaxed gaze.

Providing a dreamy mood, the “Road” version also surrounds the member with flowers. His checkered suit bathes him in an ethereal glow, proving that there are no visual holes in this group.

Drive to the Starry Road by ASTRO

Eunwoo’s and Moonbin’s concept photos present both refreshing vibe and romance at the same time. It harmonized with the overall mood of ASTRO’s third full-length album.

Expectations are high as fans eagerly await the completion of the concept photos with Sanha and Rocky’s just around the corner. 

Drive to the Starry Road is ASTRO’s third full-length album consisting of 11 songs. Their title track, “Candy Sugar Pop”, is highly expected by fans.

In addition, Eunwoo participated in lyric-writing for the song, “First Love”, in the album. Meanwhile, Moonbin also provided lyrics for their title song.

The album will be released on May 16th on various music sites at 6 PM KST.

PR Source: HNS HQ

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