B.I To Release A Global Single “BTBT” With Soulja Boy Ft. DeVita



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B.I to release a new global collaboration single with Soulja Boy feat. DeVita through Transparent Arts, IOK, and 131.

B.I will release yet another impressive single, this time in global collaboration with artists Soulja Boy and DeVita of AOMG. The single will release on May 13 through Transparent Arts, IOK, and 131.


The track, titled “BTBT”, will explore the intense emotions between two people who fall in love upon first meeting. The song expresses the feelings with the Korean word, ‘Be Tle Be Tle’, which translates into ‘staggering’ in English. There is no better word than ‘staggering’ to explain the unique emotion of falling in love and feeling as though there is no one else in the world but them.

Regarding the track, B.I explains, “‘BTBT’ is a song describing the emotional and physical attraction when people fall in love. People say you normally find love where you least expect it.

Love passionately without limitations because no matter what happens it’s always a blessing. Had so much fun working with some amazing artists and producers to make this song come to life.”

“BTBT” is the pre-release single from his upcoming global album project, LOVE OR LOVED [L.O.L]. The project will also be followed by 2 forthcoming EPs this year.

The goal of the project is described as, “There are tens of thousands of complex emotions and stories in love. With B.I’s unique sentiment, the album tells stories about love. The album contains all the narratives about love, from falling in love and learning about love to losing love.”

Meanwhile, “BTBT” will release on May 13 through Transparent Arts, IOK, and 131. The track will be available on global music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. Fans can look forward to the music video which will release on B.I’s official YouTube channel.

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Image Source: Transparent Arts | IOK | 131

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