MONSTA X Relays Creative Process For “Shape of Love”, Grateful For The Energy Received From Fans At “MX AGENT FAN-CON”


In a fan tribute interview, MONSTA X shares their love for Monbebes as well as the lingering highs from their 3-day fan concert.

MONSTA X returned with their 11th mini-album on April 26. They have shared in an interview how they are more attached to a lot of their self-composed songs.

Since their debut in 2015, the group has bolstered an impressive presence in the K-Pop scene.

Shownu, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M has gained global popularity as well receiving love both at home and abroad. 

Accordingly, during their comeback schedule, they held the 2022 MONSTA X FAN-CON MX AGENT instead of performing in music shows. For three days, they eagerly spent time with Monbebes, showing their love and affection through various moments of the event. 

Their new album “Shape of Love” is a gift to their fans to show their love for them will never falter. Like before, they participated in the making of the album. Notably, MONSTA X dedicated their latest album’s title track, “LOVE” to Monbebes.

Jooheon produced their title track while Hyungwon took part in the production of their song “Burning Up” and “Wildfire”. Meanwhile, I.M participated in the writing and production of the song, “AND”. 

The album topped the weekly album chart in the fifth week of April, even before the group started its promotion activities. As a result, MONSTA X surpassed the initial sales of their previous album, breaking their past record. 

With a busy schedule ahead, trust MONSTA X to prioritize giving updates to their fans. They shared a lot about what they are going through and what they hope to achieve through an interview.

Here is the transcript below. Some parts are edited for easier reading.

Q1. How do you feel about making a comeback after 5 months since your 10th mini album “NO LIMIT” was released last November?

Minhyuk: I always put a lot of effort into making an album. This time, we expressed our love for our fans, so I’m even more satisfied.

Kihyun: I’m happy to show you another new challenge of MONSTA X, and most of all, I was excited to meet our fans after a long time.

Hyungwon: It’s nice to have the opportunity to show and play various types of music to the fans. I’m looking forward to it because it has a variety of songs written by the members.

Jooheon: I feel good about our comeback after 5 months, and I’m happy to meet MONBEBE.

I.M: I’m glad that COVID-19 has calmed down for the first time in about three years and finally feels like we’re getting closer to our fans.

Q2. It would not have been easy to decide the comeback schedule due to the aftermath of COVID-19, how was it?

Minhyuk: Since we’ve been in COVID-19 for quite a long time, I think it’s our job to find a new way to meet our fans, rather than blaming the situation.

Hyungwon: Our comeback schedule changed and there were many variables while we were preparing, but it was overwhelming just to be able to meet our fans face to face. We prepared hard thinking that we should meet our fans as soon as possible.

Jooheon: In fact, the aftermath of COVID-19 has been a long time. MONSTA X has been continuously promoting our own development, so I don’t think it was that difficult to decide the comeback schedule.

Q3. Introduce your 11th mini-album, “Shape of Love”.

Minhyuk: It’s an album with the theme of ‘Love’. We tried to capture various aspects of love that exist in the world. In particular, this album is more affectionate because the members’ participation is high.

Hyungwon and I.M participated in writing, composing, and arranging “Burning Up (Feat. R3HAB), “AND”, as well as “Wildfire”.

The title song “LOVE” was produced by Jooheon. I hope you listen to it a lot.

Q4. Since you’re called “Master of Trust and Listeners”, I’m looking forward to the performance of the title song “LOVE”. What’s the point to watch out for? I’m curious about the killing part and the point dance.

Minhyuk: I think the point is the sexiness that melts in the calmness. Please pay attention to the intro part that represents MONSTA X.

Kihyun: Hyungwon’s intro part and the choreography for the chorus part where you raise your hands above your head.

Hyungwon: I personally like the rap part choreography that connects Jooheon and I.M. The point lies in the delicate control of strength and weakness.

Jooheon: I think the killing part is Hyungwon’s narration in the intro and the song that shows the harmony with the members. And there’s a part where we all step up in the bridge part. That’s cool.

I.M: When Hyungwon asked, “What do you think love is?”

Q5. This album is also known to have been written, composed, and produced by the members themselves, and I wonder what each song had in mind. Are there any memorable moments while working on the album?

Minhyuk: I participated in the album art this time. I remember that about 1,000 pictures were the ingredients for it. Whenever I worked on it, I thought about the fans, so I think my affection for the album got deeper.

Hyungwon: In “Burning Up (Feat. R3HAB)”, I wanted to express my passion and love. I especially remember getting goosebumps when I heard Jooheon’s part in the chorus. “Wildfire,” which Jooheon and I.M worked on together, tried to capture a love that was in contrast to “Burning Up” (Feat. R3HAB).

Jooheon: We made the title song “LOVE” and the b-track “Love You”. For the first time with “LOVE,” I wanted to send a message that the pure emotions that we loved and cared for our fans are still there. “Love You” literally means direct love for MONBEBE. As we always say, “I love you MONBEBE” at the end of a concert.

I.M: While working on “AND,” I had a lot of emotional consumption. I worked on this song in a bad condition, so it helped me get into the mood.

Q6. It’s been 3 years since the fan concert (FAN-CON [MX HOME PARTY]). What did you pay particular attention to and how did you feel?

Minhyuk: It feels like I’ve been able to fulfill my regret for the concert. I think we received good energy from MONBEBE to the point where our long hiatus was overshadowed. Although our leader Shownu couldn’t be on stage, he came to the concert hall the next day and cheered for us with MONBEBE. I was so reassured and I think we were able to make great memories together. I hope the day when Shownu is with us on stage and not in the audience will come soon.

Kihyun: It was a setlist that came out after much consideration so that you can see as many things as possible so that you won’t be bored. From songs that bring back memories from our debut days to our new song, we prepared a lot. I was so happy to sing in front of the fans after a long time.

Hyungwon: While preparing for the stage to reminisce about the past, it felt new to us. As it was an offline fan concert, I was very nervous and excited to be with fans after a long time. I got emotional when I saw the audience on stage. Honestly, was I still dreaming? I can’t believe it! I was especially surprised by MONBEBE’s energy that never gets tired during the encore stage. The lingering feeling is still here.

Jooheon: We prepared songs from our debut, and we filled it with various songs including this new song. I was so excited to be able to enjoy the concert with MONBEBE after a long time.

I.M: I cherish you a lot. I love you.



From the 5th of May, the group will enter the “2022 MONSTA X NO LIMIT US TOUR” after the domestic promotional activities for their new song, “LOVE”. Starting with performances in New York on May 21, they are expected to show off their incomparable talent in nine cities. 

The tour includes shows at Fairfax, Virginia on May 24th and Chicago, Illinois on May 26th. It continues through the first and second weeks of June. There are also shows in Sunrise, Florida on June 1; Atlanta, Georgia on June 4; Fort Worth, Texas on June 6; Phoenix, Arizona on June 8; and Los Angeles, California on June 11. Stay updated with the tour through MONSTA X’s official social media channels.

PR Source: Starship Entertainment


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