3 Reasons Why You Should Add ASTRO Rocky’s Web Drama “Broke Rookie Star” To Your Watchlist


Broke Rookie Star” is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite web K-Drama series these days. The funny series stars ASTRO’s Rocky as HwiYeon, Mun JiHu as EunHyun, Lee Sang as Chan, Anzardi Timothée as Loren, and Choi SeongMin as SiWoo, all of whom are members of the rising K-Pop group X-Pierce. The story follows the quest for survival by a K-Pop idol who for not being as popular as his fellow members have not received any payment for his services, thus making him broke and needing to take up odd jobs to earn money. The web drama gives a comical but realistic view of the lives of many K-Pop idols, with a pin on the struggles some K-Pop idols face, especially those who are yet to break the ever so high mantle of extreme popularity.

Here are 3 reasons why you should add the web drama to your watch list.


1. ASTRO’s Rocky

If for any reason, just a chance to see ASTRO’s Rocky display his acting skills should be enough reason to watch his drama. The all-rounder as many rightfully calls him has shown that his talents do not just fit into the box of music alone but also in acting. He brings his vibrant and expressive energy to his role and oftentimes, as much as we try to see his character HwiYeon and his storyline, in many scenes, we just see Rocky being himself, with his comical facial expressions, his funny mind thoughts (search for the word), and hilarious reactions.

Frankly, some might say the only difference between this character and Rocky is their names. However, his brilliant acting deserves applause as in many cases, he brilliantly portrays the emotions of HwiYeon and the struggles he faces. However funny his character is, there are key emotional moments that make you feel for him. And Rocky’s ability to show off these moments, however quick or subtle they are, speaks to his budding acting talents.


2. The storyline and its morals

The storyline is very important as it showcases some of the struggles many K-Pop idols face today. With more and more stories being brought to light on similar topics like these, many fans still believe that it is a bed of roses for these idols however popular they are, and series like these often serve as an exposure to the hidden truths about idols and their lives off the camera. From family, financial issues, dating, and insecurities to mental and physical fatigue. Like everyone else, many K-Pop idols often face some of these challenges and much more, and while we might hold them in high esteem, series like these just also makes viewers and fans remember that they are human too.


3. It’s comic relief

While ASTRO’s Rocky comedic brilliance is one of the main attractions of the series, there are also other moments throughout each episode of the series that will take you from a smile to a holding your stomach while laughing reactions.

You can watch all the episodes of the drama released so far on KBS WORLD TV’s YouTube channel.

Are you already watching this drama? Tell us some of your favorite moments so far.


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