5 Vocal Performances That Reiterate Kim SeJeong’s Status As A K-Pop Goddess


In the world of K-Pop, vocals are an irreplaceable aspect. For any artist, nothing feels better than being complimented for having a beautiful, memorable, or strong vocal color, tone, technical ability, etc.

When mentioning vocals in K-Pop, there are some artists who simply cannot be left out. Kim SeJeong is one of those artists. She is known by the nickname ‘God SeJeong’ for a reason.

Kim SeJeong has the Midas Touch when it comes to multiple talents. She turns any skill she touches into a golden part of herself. The same can be said for her vocals and resplendent voice.

Today we’ll take a look at some of the vocal performances that reiterate Kim SeJeong’s status as a K-Pop goddess.

Note: This list is not a ranking. It is in random order.


1. ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ by Jaurim

This performance has recently started trending again as fans who were watching Kim SeJeong’s latest K-Drama “Business Proposal” realized that she had performed the song that inspired the K-Drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” years before. The dramas were both deeply adored by K-Drama fans all over the world and aired at the same time, which made this performance a nostalgic reminder of how we fell into the worlds and characters of each drama.

Besides this fact, this performance is a goose-bump raising testament to each aspect and whim of Kim SeJeong’s vocal color. Her technical ability, control, and vocal tone were flawless.

More than that, the pure emotion that she brings to the performance even though we can’t see her face is wonderfully chilling. Mixing between airy whimsical vocal tones and her deep soulful belting at all the appropriate moments, she made us not only listen to this song but feel it. In fact, the audience was visibly moved by her beautiful vocal storytelling.




‘SKYLINE’ is one of the songs that perfectly sums up Kim SeJeong’s charm as an artist, especially when she performs it live. It truly highlights all of the best aspects of her voice. Her high notes in this song are like a blessing to the ear and the layering in the final minute or so adds depth to her already rich voice.

Kim SeJeong’s voice in this performance mimics the weather on the rooftop where she is singing. Clear, bright, and slightly hazy in a dreamy way.



3. ‘Breathe, End of a day, Flower Way, Tunnel, U R’ Medley

In this medley, Kim SeJeong cover’s Lee Hi‘s ‘Breathe’, SHINee JongHyun‘s ‘End of a day’, her songs ‘Flower Way’ and ‘Tunnel’, and ‘U R’ by Girls’ Generation’s TaeYeon.

The lovely thing about this performance is how she brings her unique vocal twist to songs that are already amazing and makes them a level more blissful. The medley was a compilation of songs that she listens to when she needs to comfort her heart, but fans gained even more comfort just from listening to her hug of a voice.

Her soft silky vocals sound like everything is going to be okay, which is one of the greatest abilities you could have as a singer.



4. ‘If You’ alongside Ailee

Although it was an emotional performance for her, this performance showed off all of the lovely vocal techniques that Kim SeJeong pulls off so effortlessly. From beautiful runs that elongate her melody to stunning ad-libs, she emphasized her vocal range. It also proved how she can shine no matter the situation, which is extremely admirable.

‘If You’ is also an impactful performance as she did it alongside vocal legend Ailee who has earned respect in the industry as a veteran. Ailee is one of Kim SeJeong’s industry role models which adds a meaningful element to her showing off her vocal skills alongside her. Their harmonies are also a treat to the ear.



5. ‘Alcohol-Free’ by TWICE

This vocal performance proved her unique style as an artist. She performed a hit song but managed to make it her own by adding her clean vocal color to it. It shows the romantic and warm quality of her voice.

It also showed her range when it comes to genres since the song has a jazzy twist. Kim SeJeong showed a plot-twist-like charm with her rap skills and the way she made us get drunk on her voice despite the title of the song.


SeJeong’s vocals are not only a testament to how deserving she is of the title ‘K-Pop Goddess’, but also of how she is one of the best female K-Pop idols when it comes to live vocal performances.

What do you think of Kim SeJeong and her vocals? Let us know in the comments.


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