Kassy Continues Fruitful Relationship with Nextar Entertainment



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The “goddess of voice” Kassy signs anew with Nextar Entertainment–her home for already 7 years.

Singer and rapper Kassy continues her relationship with Nextar Entertainment. She has been with the company since her debut in 2015. Based on her strong loyalty, bond, and trust, she decided to continue her growth in her current agency.

Kassy, who celebrated the seventh anniversary of her debut this year, is loved for her songs, more so her OST tracks. Most notably, her song, “One Summer Day” is her most played track on Spotify as a part of the soundtrack of trending drama, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.  

She recently participated in Cho Young Soo’s Song Remake Project by releasing the track “Always Love You”. Cho Young Soo is Nextar Entertainment’s representative producer known for his emotional music.

Kassy’s voice perfectly fits the song and showed the best synergy to create beautiful tracks. The single did well on the charts, even getting recognition from Forbes Magazine as one of the Best-Selling Singles in Korea. 

“I’m happy to continue my precious relationship with Cassy,” an agency official said regarding her contract signing. “We will continue to provide full support for Casey’s music career.”

In the meantime, Kassy is preparing for her solo concert, “May, Be” at Shinhan PLAY Square Live Hall in Seoul on May 14th and 15th. Tickets can be booked on online reservation sites Interpark Ticket and Melon Ticket.

Look forward to updates about Kassy and her future activities at her official social media channels!

Source: HNS HQ

Photo: NEctar Entertainment

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