March 2022 (Dohu, ADORA, PRSNT, Rad Museum, The Solutions, Minimani, MAJORS, CHOSNG, Feeldog) – Asian Junkie


Somehow, every year, March seems to creep up on me and surprise me with the sheer amount of stuff that gets released -which is my way of saying that this playlist is a chonky one. Let’s go.


Adora – “The Little Name” 

Rovxe – “Noob”

Lohye – “To Love Somebody Else”

Dohu – “Bad Day”

(A strange and beautiful voice…)

Jaeman – “Loser”

PRSNT – “Crazy Driver”

The Solutions – “My Youth”

(Gentle and lovely.)

Wilcox ft. Choi Cello – “Blue & Lemonade”

Rad Museum ft. Dean & LeeHi – “Off-Line”

(Dean!!! Sir!! Where have you BEEN?)

Jeon Gunho ft. Boramiya – “Voice”

Minimani – “Puo Puo”

(Is there a specific name for k-pop/trot crossover? Or is it just trot?)

Meenoi ft. 10cm – “Tea time”

Lee Seok Hoon – “Your Smile”

Cnema – “Get Out”

Majors – “Salute”

Chosng – “Crescent”

Feeldog – “Detox”

Kwon Jinah – “Silly Silly Love”

(Probably my favourite song on this list; it’s so sweet and comforting.)

Play:Moon – “You&I (KOSI Edition)”


…and that’s it! As always, let me know any songs you think deserved more love in March, and happy listening!

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