SF9’s Jaeyoon and Chani Test Positive For Covid-19


SF9 members Jaeyoon and Chani has been confirmed positive with COVID-19.

On May 6, FNC Entertainment announced through the official SF9 fan café that Jaeyoon has been diagnosed with COVID-19 after developing a sore throat and other cold-like symptoms. Accordingly, the idol has cancelled all of his activities including his musical performances. He currently stars as Park Do Kyung in the musical version of the hit drama Another Oh Hae Young.

Read the official statement of his agency:

Hello. This is FNC Entertainment.

Yesterday, SF9’s Jaeyoon experienced uncomfortable symptoms similar to a sore throat so he underwent a rapid antigen test.

While the test result was negative, he underwent another rapid antigen test and a PCR test for COVID-19 this morning and both results came back positive.

Currently, Jaeyoon only has symptoms of a sore throat, and for the time being, he will get sufficient rest and and receive treatment in accordance to the guidelines set by the government health authorities.

All of his schedules including musical performances, have been canceled. For ticket refunds and performance-related inquiries, please contact the production company.

We ask for your understanding for causing concern, and we will always pay attention to the health and safety of our artists.

Prior to Jaeyoon, Taeyang was also diagnosed last month and has undergone self-quarantine according to the guidelines of the health authorities. Currently, his quarantine has been lifted and is appearing in the creative musical Secretly, Greatly: THE LAST.

Following Jaeyoon, SF9’s maknae Chani has also contracted the virus. On May 7, FNC Entertainment released the following statement:

Hello. This is FNC Entertainment.

Last night, SF9’s Chani took a self-test kit for COVID-19 as a precautionary measure, and it came out positive. Therefore, this morning, he underwent PCR testing for COVID-19, and his test results tested positive.

Currently, he does not have any particular symptoms aside from mild cold symptoms and a sore throat. He plans to get plenty of rest for the time being as he undergoes treatment in accordance with the guidelines of government health authorities.

We ask for your understanding regarding the fact that we have caused you concerns with the successive news of SF9 members being diagnosed with COVID-19, and we will always pay careful attention to the health and safety of our artists.

Source: Topstar News

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