Fans Want A Drama Starring 2PM’s JunHo And Kim TaeRi And So Do We


They looked so good together! Fans are calling on K-Drama producers to cast 2PM’s JunHo and Kim TaeRi as leads in a series following pictures shared of the actors from the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards.

At the awards, 2PM‘s JunHo became the first acting-dol to win Best Actor in the TV category, while also taking home the Male popularity awards for his role in “The Red Sleeve“. Similar to JunHo, Kim TaeRi who wowed fans with his amazing performance in the series “Twenty-Five Twenty-one” also took home the “Best Actress in TV category and Female popularity awards. Both looking stunning in white, as more pictures of the two winners were flooding social media, fans couldn’t help but comment on how good they both look together and how well they complement each other.

Here are some of the comments online.

Fans will have to wait a bit for this pairing to happen as both actors are already scheduled to star in many projects this year.

Would you like to see this pairing? Comment down below the genre of K-Drama that will be perfect for them.


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