Top 10 Instagram Updates By K-Drama Actors (1st Week Of May 2022)


Son WooHyun’s official Instagram / Lancôme/ Jack Daniels

Hello everyone and welcome to the eighth edition of our weekly “Top 10 Instagram Updates By K-Drama Actors”. You can read our previous selection by clicking here. This article will be showcasing some of our favorite updates and content shared on Instagram by K-Drama actors. From adorable selfies to drama announcements, teasers, ads, chill time with family and friends, magazine photoshoots, etc. At the end of the article, we would be taking a fun poll asking you which actor had the best update this week.

Here are our top 10 picks of the best Instagram update by K-Drama actors for the 1st week of May, 2022.


The “Squid Game” actress reminds viewers that she is also a supermodel as she shows off her chic poses while looking absolutely stunning in this video update.


Regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea, her iconic beauty leaves us speechless and ready to purchase her skincare products.


The perfect representation of the word “dapper”. Kim SungCheol looks absolutely irresistible in a suit as he entrances us with his deeply soulful eyes and masculine aura.


Actor Ahn BoHyun would make the perfect James Bond as he embodies some of the features of the character, an alluring sex appeal, looking dapper in a suit, a fit physique, and a love for whiskey.


Is this what heaven looks like?  We might be ready to take a quick trip to heaven as his visuals are certainly to die for.


The actor has been tagged the ending fairy of the series “Tomorrow” for due reasons. Probably the most handsome Grim Reaper in K-Drama land, his stricken visuals would make anyone gladly follow him to the afterlife.


7. Lee SunBin

Actress Lee SunBin is the quintessential girl next door as she serves up a mix of sexy and cute in these pictures for 1st Look magazine.


This is your pov on a date with heartthrob actor Lomon. What are you ordering? P.S he is not on the menu.


Along with fans, we simply cannot get over how adorable Kim Beom looks in these pictures. His timeless visuals add to his ever so bright and youthful energy making him even more charming in these boyfriend material-type pictures.


Are you excited for “To My star” season 2? Well, we are, and the K-Drama actor keeps enticing fans with his striking looks as he gears up to once again steal the hearts of BL lovers.


Which of these K-Drama actors had the best Instagram update for the 1st week of May 2022?

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