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Name: Xiao Zhan (he sometimes uses the anglicised “Sean”)
Birthday: October 5, 1991
Birthplace: Chongqing, China
Education: Chongqing Technology and Business University (Art Design)

He is a cat person. He has a cat who usually stays with his parents now, because of his busy schedule.
When he was young he was allowed to spend only one hour per week on the computer. He usually played computer games. (He said it in one of the interviews).
He studied violin and drawing since young age.
He graduated with one of the highest scores on his high school diploma in the whole China. He actually got an A in Chinese and is one of lucky few. His diploma makes him capable to be a high school teacher.
He was very popular during his university days for his handsome looks and friendly personality. He had always participated in many charitable work.
He worked as a graphic designer and photographer. He designed a logo for a café. He was actually really successful! (picture posted lower)
He also designed his own logo.
After participating in a reality show X File, he was chosen to became a member of a pop group named X Nine. The group debuted in 2016 and he was/is the main vocal.
He is also known as an actor starring in the period dramas “The Untaimed” and “Oh My Emperor!” and “The Wolf”.
He has worked as a model for Piaget and Estée Lauder.
He was voted the face of 2019.

The scandal:
While “the Untamed” is officially a “bromace” it is more or less a boy-love novel (though the novel had to be re-edited several times before it was possible to publish it in China; the text is not yet officially translated into English, but a very good translation can be found on Exiled Rebels). Unfortunately, because twist it as you like, the two main characters are far from friends and many fans have taken fanfictions as their outlet. Because of strict Chinese policy against “promoting homosexuality”, the authorities were alerted about one of the fanfics depicting Xiao Zhan´s character Wei Wuxian as a transgender prostitute seducing Lan Zhan. This caused such an outrage that people boycotted Xiao Zhan and everything that had anything to do with him. He lost many contracts and was put on a black list.

His comeback in the second half of 2020 was very sore. He came out as a very mature, gentle and sophisticated man, but also as someone who is aware that his every step might cause him another fall.
Yet, things are looking better for him and his star is rising. He is young, handsome and popular and he deserves it!
He is a wonderful actor and a wonderful singer. His songs are sweet and beautiful.
He is also really funny, but since his comeback he had to tune it down a little bit. Hope he´ll find the courage again.
Please, give him a chance ♥.

Some videos and pics:



He honestly seems like such a sweet and caring person. I wish him the best. I was so happy to see him back and I still follow his career here and there, because he is honestly such a good actor. He is a great singer too, though he does not fit my usual taste, but I love the song spotlight, it is so uplifting! And he is a fan of EXO :).
And he has a new TV Show!



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