5 K-Pop Idols We Would Like To See Collaborate With WonHo


WonHo is a global superstar that is not just recognized for his Greek god-like physique and Teddy bear-like personality but also for his soft soothing vocal tone that makes his songs very pleasing to listen to.

Since his debut with MONSTA X, he has shown his impressive musical and performance growth always leaving fans stunned by his talents and craving for more. Now, a solo artist, and with his music ever so growing, his refined sound and mastered techniques make him one that many would love to collaborate with.

Here are 5 K-Pop idols we would love to see him collaborate with in the future.


 5 K-Pop Idols We Would Like To See Collaborate With WonHo

Lonsdale Korea / Calvin Klein

Following his appearance on Jessi’s YouTube show “Showterview“, the two idols showed off amazing chemistry that struck a positive chord in the minds of viewers. So, a collab with both of them would simply be interesting. Jessi’s raspy and powerful vocals fused with WonHo’s soft and silky tone could be an interesting and exciting combination.


 5 K-Pop Idols We Would Like To See Collaborate With WonHo


Magic Mike but make it a Korean and Idol version. WonHo and BaekHo share so many similarities. They are both very handsome, incredibly fit, powerful entertainers, and great singers. It is no wonder they are friends. And their chemistry is so cute. A song that features a stage performance by both idols whose sensual appeal is so glaringly bright, viewers might want to put on glasses and hold their pillows tight while they watch this performance.


 5 K-Pop Idols We Would Like To See Collaborate With WonHo

CUBE Entertainment / Mnet

(G)I-DLE members are known to be one of the K-Pop idols who deliver a brilliant concepts like no other. Their dynamic and versatile styles mean they can collaborate with anyone and do exceedingly well. A trait that is very similar to WonHo. A soft beat song with a sensual and dark concept will be the perfect choice for this possible collab.


 5 K-Pop Idols We Would Like To See Collaborate With WonHo


Jay B’s talents are so boundless and he makes art look so effortlessly cool. One of his key features is his vocals which are so unique and can be applied to any kind of genre or concept of music. A trait he shares with WonHo, who once you get used to his vocals, you can easily know it is him singing from afar. Both idols possess a sweet cherry flavor-like sound and the blend of their vocals would be so divine and blissful.


 5 K-Pop Idols We Would Like To See Collaborate With WonHo

MORE VISION / WonHo’s official Instagram

Jay Park is a multitalented artist who has been known to collaborate with many idols in a different genres and still deliver a level of perfection that speaks to his masterful artistry. A singer and a rapper, the hip-hop legend has the perfect recipe for what will be a delicious collaboration with WonHo. A hip-hop song where WonHo showcases his rich sultry vocal tone and Jay Park comes in with his rap verse that is filled with his signature raspy tenor tone and fiery flows would live many fans and listeners very satisfied.

Which of these idols would you love to see collaborate with WonHo? Or are there any not on this list you’d like to see him collaborate with? Let us know in the comments section below.


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