6 Reasons Why Park HyungSik Stole Our Hearts In 2022


 6 Reasons Why Park HyungSik Stole Our Hearts In 2022

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This year has definitely surprised us with many amazing K-Dramas. Have you been also constantly binging new episodes, trying to keep up with your list? We feel you. As the first quarter of 2022 is over, we can already tell who has stolen the K-Drama spotlight. Undoubtedly, one of the most talked-about Korean actors this year is Park HyungSik.

Whether you are a K-Drama rookie or an experienced binge-watcher, you must have already heard about him quite a lot. He has played in some of the most beloved dramas such as “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” or “Hwarang”, which made him become one of the most recognized faces in Korean entertainment.

Even if you haven’t become a Park HyungSik stan yet, you definitely will after reading this article. Here are a few reasons why he is the 2022 K-Drama heartthrob:


1. The 2022 on-screen duality

After his last year’s zombie apocalypse drama “Happiness”, the 30-year-old star surprised us with an appearance in “Soundtrack #1”. While these 2 K-Dramas display a very distinct vibe, he proved his talent through both of them.

In “Happiness,” he plays the character of Jung YiHyun – a police officer, who moves into a new apartment complex with his friend Yoon SaeBom (Han HyoJoo). Shortly after that, a mysterious disease spreads out in the building.

In “Soundtrack #1” Han SunWoo is a young photographer, who for the past 19 years has been deeply in love with his best friend Lee EunSoo (Han SoHee).

The “Happiness” Jung YiHyun has a strong and direct character, through which he clearly poses as a great leader in a chaotic time and helps to keep the order in the complex. On the contrary, the lead character of “Soundtrack #1” is a shy and romantic artist, who constantly runs away, because he can’t build up the courage to confess his feelings.

If you watched these K-Dramas, you must have been very impressed by how well the actor portrayed both of these characters. Whether it is a confident and tough-minded zombie fighter or a nostalgic, passionate photographer – the 30-year-old actor leaves us speechless every time.


2. Top-Notch Aegyo

 6 Reasons Why Park HyungSik Stole Our Hearts In 2022

Disney+ Instagram

We are pretty convinced that one of the reasons why Park HyungSik can instantly win over any K-Drama lover with his aegyo. He is of the actors who shine through with their natural cuteness.
In “Soundtrack #1” SunWoo made us repeatedly whip over his acts of jealousy and hilarious quarrels with his on-screen best friend. Also, off-screen he is a real-life cutie, which you might have noticed because of the overwhelming amount of edits of his recent interviews. Moreover, fans recognize the 30 years old actor for his babyface and timeless youthful look.


3. The new long bangs look

 6 Reasons Why Park HyungSik Stole Our Hearts In 2022

Disney+ Instagram

We suppose that many of you have fallen for Park HyungSik’s adorable looks. Well, just when we thought he couldn’t get any cuter, his 2022 long bangs style convinced us that there is a lot he can still surprise us with. Are you loving the long bangs looks just as much as we do?


4. His chemistry with female co-stars

 6 Reasons Why Park HyungSik Stole Our Hearts In 2022

Disney+ YouTube Screenshot

Even if you haven’t seen “Soundtrack #1”, you must have come across the clip of the “Glorious Devotee” interview the lead actor did with his co-star Han SoHee. He was asked a question about whether he has any female friends, to which he answered “I don’t have any” – the interviewer was startled and assumed that the actor must be dating everyone. The woman pointed out the fact that every Park HyungSik fan has noticed – his ability to get on well with any female co-star.

Besides the talent the actor displays on the screen, he also proves that he is a sweetheart as well off-screen. In the interviews, he always makes up the atmosphere very comfortable and fun, treating his female co-stars with empathy.

Where can we sign up for the Park HyungSik friends list?


5. A hard-working year

 6 Reasons Why Park HyungSik Stole Our Hearts In 2022

Park HyungSik’s Instagram

Since his military discharge in January 2021, fans had been waiting for a long-anticipated comeback. The actor didn’t keep us waiting for long – right after his discharge, he started working on new projects which became hits overnight.

If you feel like you haven’t had enough of Park HyungSik – don’t worry, a new historical drama of an expected title “Youth, Climb the Barrier” will be released later this year, in which he is to play the lead male character.

The actor has proved as a passionate and engaged star and we’re convinced that he won’t fail to surprise us yet again this year.


6. His unconditional support for the Wooga squad

 6 Reasons Why Park HyungSik Stole Our Hearts In 2022

Park SeoJun’s Instagram

Have you missed the Wooga boys? In his March interview with Mokkan Henshu, the actor mentioned the admiration he feels for his friend – BTS’ V – for receiving an American award. The actor also described their close relationship as brother-like, so we can assume that they still keep in close contact. It’s adorable to see him supporting his best friend.

No need to say more – Park HyungSik definitely deserves the name of the 2022 heartthrob!

Is there anything you would like to see from the actor this year? Let us know in the comments.

You can learn more about Park HyungSik on his Instagram @phs1116.


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