K-Drama Musical “The Sound Of Magic” Currently Ranked The 5th Most Popular TV Show On Netflix Worldwide


One of the most highly anticipated K-Dramas of 2022, “The Sound Of Magic” has officially landed on Netflix and viewers could not be more excited. Starring Ji ChangWook, Choi SungEun, and Hwang InYoup in the leading roles, “The Sound Of Magic” tells the story of a disillusioned young girl Yun AhYi (played by Choi SungEun) and an uptight top student Na IlDeung (played by Hwang InYoup), who rediscover the magic in life with the help of RiEul (played by Ji ChangWook), a mysterious magician living in an abandoned theme park.

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Soon after its worldwide premiere, “The Sound Of Magic” entered Netflix’s Global Top 10 chart of the most-watched TV shows on the platform at #5, as per data retrieved from FlixPatrol on May 10, 2022.

K-Drama Musical "The Sound Of Magic" Currently Ranked The 5th Most Popular TV Show On Netflix Worldwide


In addition, the series is on Netflix’s overall Top 10 chart in 7 countries: Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, and Turkey. Among TV shows, it ranks in the Top 10 list of 42 countries!

You can access this data and more here. It is important to note that while FlixPatrol has access to data from a huge majority, it does not have access to data from all the countries in the world.

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