ASTRO Heightens Expectations For Full-Length Album With Unleashed Group Concept Photos



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Sporting a dapper look, ASTRO unveiled the group’s mesmerizing images for Drive to Starry Road album!

From May 2, ASTRO has been serving visual treats through their individual concept photos. Subsequently capping off the parade is the release of group concept photos also in the three special versions for their fans.

After raising the heat of their comeback last week through solo snapshots, MJ, Jinjin, Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha – this time, decided to captivate fans as a whole unit. 

The “Drive” version depicts a fun road trip with all the boys in the convertible. The blue palette of the picture exudes the group’s coolness and charisma. Accordingly, the six-person, six-color charm presents their synergy as a group throughout the photo.


The silk suits in the “Starry” version depict the group in a sparkling atmosphere with their breathtaking gazes focused on the camera. They bathe the photo with the mysterious and sophisticated versions of themselves, showing off their mature charms. 

As the representatives of romance, ASTRO poses in their delicate and stylish suits for the “Road” version. Like a scene from a fairytale, this photo depicts their conceptual charm. Flowers are used as objects as a visual of a midsummer night with a background reminiscent of a sunset view. 

Clearly, the new album and the concept photos raise even more expectations from Arohas.Drive to the Starry Road is ASTRO’s first full-length album released in about a year.

According to their statements, the new album is more meaningful as it contains a variety of tracks that display the member’s individual growth. This will show the full aura of the group in its seventh year. 

Correspondingly, ASTRO prepared expectations using refreshing concepts in three versions to set up the hype for “Candy Sugar Pop”, their title track. Domestic and foreign fans must be on the lookout for their development through this album. 

ASTRO’s third full-length album Drive to the Starry Road will be released on various online music sites at 6 PM on May 16th.

PR Source: HNS HQ

Photos: Fantagio

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