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E’LAST captivates with a powerful performance music video version for their latest title track, “Creature”!

Boy group, E’LAST, recently made their comeback with the third mini-album, ROAR, stunning global fans with their various talents. The title track, “Creature”, grabbed fans’ attention as it presented a new color to the idols’ already unique music style.


The music video for the song intrigues with its mystical elements and wolf concept. Hinted throughout the clip and perfectly presented during live performances, the song’s choreography is yet another masterpiece. To further emphasize the many note-worthy parts, the group shared a dance video at midnight on May 11.

The clip gives a closer look at all the details in the choreography, making fans in awe of the talented boys. The artists showcase a flawless execution of the dance and still mesmerize with their striking visuals. In addition, they manage to bring forth the intense and wild feeling of the song with their precise movements and gestures.

The new album delivers a whole set of new tracks, with different genres that still contain the group’s own color. To make it even more interesting, the idols also made the last track on their album different for each of the two versions, meaning while there are seven songs in total, each version contains six of them.

Furthermore, members Wonjun and Wonhyuk participated in the lyric writing for those two special numbers, “Nightmare” and “Poison”, respectively.

Make sure to check out E’LAST’s latest comeback and give the music videos of “Creature” a view.

Source: E Entertainment

Image and Video Source: E Entertainment

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