Hidden Gems: Tang Tang Tang by Hint


​On this series we remember songs that have been forgotten or were never even given the attention they deserved. Today’s Hidden Gem is Tang Tang Tang by Hint


Hint was a re-debut of the girl group Turan.  Turan lost all their original members though, so it’s basically a completely new group.  This is one of the earliest trot/Kpop hybrid songs I can think of.  It’s kinda refreshing to see older women debut since they’re always so young.  Plus the song is super catchy and it looks like they made the most of their budget.  Their dancing is really synchronized too.  Also one thing that’s kinda funny is Turan’s debut was Bang Bang Bang, their debut was Tang Tang Tang and their first comeback was Pang Pang Pang.

hintscode - Tumblr blog | Tumgir

Hint is still alive with 5 of the 7 members still in the group.  That’s actually pretty good for a nugu group that has been active for 5 years.  Their last comeback was about two years ago.  The group’s social medias hasn’t been updated in over a year, but the members still have “hint” in their instagram name.

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